Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Where has a month gone?

Blogging.....hummm I'm not very good at it. The last month has been pretty busy at the Petty House. Several new calling, B&B came for a visit. Gary (Rick's brother and his family) came for a visit.
To start off with...My new calling I have been given the opportunity to work with the Stake Young Women's Presidency, as the 1st counselor. Its exciting, but why me.... Not so sure.
But I'll do my best. Then a couple of weeks later. Rick got the biggest surprise of his life. Something he has said over and over he did not want to do. Yep....He is now the new Bishop. Still getting used to him being called Bishop Petty. But he'll do great.
When we went to get our recommends redone (we lost our others on June 1 after Brett & Brittany's wedding) who knows...there was so much going on here. President Woodruff said I think I have something here for you and he was looking through his papers... I thought (humm what would he have for me)....ha ha for my thinking that. Then I was called.
One day President Woodruff came to our building and since the recommends has changed in those short 2 weeks( I think) I thought great here he is and I asked him if he could sign my recommend. and he said sure... and then asked me if Rick was still there and I told him he was just leaving with Rachel(best daughter) I and went and got him. He has been on the High Counsel and then he was called to be the new Bishop...surprise surprise..... We have the best family. Called Brett and Brittany to let them know, of course they came home...told Aaron and Kim, so they could be there. Called Rick's brother Gary in Ft Collins Co.... he is a member..How grateful we are for them. Gary and Barbara and Mary and Liz(just 2 of their kids) came down... what a great weekend. We went to the fair an had lots of fun. So our lives have been busy. Even with the just the normal every day activities. Work, laundry. cooking(yuck) not my favorite. Cleaning. Everyday run of the mill things that have to be done.

We have been very blessed. Everyone in the ward has been great. We had a great Bishop.. we are all very sad to not have Bishop Shuldberg as our Bishop. He has been truly amazing for our family. I imagine for other as well. But members in the ward seem to be taking this fine. I know Rick will do his best. He is a great guy and I love him dearly. I have been very blessed to have him as my husband.