Sunday, November 30, 2008


This year we spent Thanksgiving in Colorado with Rick's brother Gary and his family. It was so good to be there. We flew to Colorado on Wednesday and flew back home of Friday. It was a quick trip but great. We rented a car, and to our surprise...the car they gave us was a black convertible mustang. It was quite fun, especially since the weather wa nice. When we got to Fort Collins, Mary, Lizz and myself went for a ride..of course with the top down and then for some ice cream. It was great to spend time with them. Mary took pictures so when she posts them I'll copy them to share. We had a great time visiting with our nieces and their families. Cee Cee and Bill and their 3 kids, and Courtney and Steve and their 4 kids came over we had dinner that Steve cooked (dinner was very good). Courtney and Steve's youngest 2 kids I had not seen. They are soo cute. Barbara's dad was there from Austin to, he is such a nice guy. We played DDR, it was quite fun. Gary, Rick's brother played as well....but Rick would not play. What a fuddy dud. We had a good time. Then Mary, Lizz and Barbara and I went to the movie to see Twilight. I had not seen it yet. It was fun to go with them. Mary and I went to the midnight book buying of Breaking Dawn so it was great to see the movie with them. Thanksgiving Day Barbara was up early cooking, then the rest of the family came over. Plus one of Cee Cee's friends from high school and her family came as well. It was good to see Stacy and meet her husband and 2 boys. Dinner was soo good. The time spent talking after dinner and just spending time together. Cee Cee made a thanksgiving journal for us all to write in, she will bring it out every year for everyone to sign it and read from the previous year. Such a good idea. As we sat we talked about so many things in our lives, school, activities, colleges, friends, families the gospel. How blessed we all are. I am so thankful for our family. We are truly blessed. I talked with Lon, he and Stephanie spent their first Thanksgiving away from with family. Stephanie cooked and started their own traditions. She is so wonderful and creative. We missed them. We missed our own kids who were in Texas and Virginia. I missed my mom, she had her hands full as well but she had a nice day because my sister was able to leave the nursing home and go to my mom's for thanksgiving dinner and spend time there. This new nursing home had been great to work with her so much in physical therapy to help her get to this point.

Their are so many things that I am thankful for:
The Saviour
The Gospel
Rick (who puts up with me)
Our Country
Our freedom
It has been a great thanksgiving season for our family.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I'm thankful

Here it is almost thanksgiving and I have lots to be thankful for. We have jobs, when so many are losing theirs. We have our house, that keeps us warm and safe. Our cars that get us where we need to go. Our family that we love so dearly. A great 3 year old granddaughter that reminds me that the little things in life are fun. Our children. A grandson on the way. Family to spend thanksgiving with, thanks for begging us to come. (pray for good weather) A nursing home that has helped my sister do so many things since she has gone there. What a blessing, she can now transfer herself to the chair...YEAH!! Especially for the gospel that teaches us that we have a loving Heavenly Father who loved us enough that he sent his son to come and suffer for us that we would be able to return to them. I know that we all make mistakes along the way, thankfully Christ loved us enough to that he willingly gave up his life for us.

Last Sunday we had a fireside at our stake center by Jenny Phillips. She did a great job. One thing that she said has stuck with me since then. She told the story about herself as a teenager. She wanted to watch the show that everyone was watching. Her mom told her no but one night her mom wasn't home sooo she turned it on. Her mom came home and she figured her mom would make her turn it off she didn't, her mom sat down beside her and the talked about it and her mom asked her Which side of the line she was on The Lord's side or the adversary, when Jenny tired to tell her mom its not a big deal..its just a show her mom asked again which side of the line are you on...the Lord's or the adversary. I have thought about this all week. I thought about a young women that I know who is struggling with school... something that happened when others decided to do wrong ans she didn't, but she is suffering from the effects of it. SHE chose to stand on the Lord's side..she is strong young women but it still hurts. I see others who will stand on the Lord's side it they want something different or more fun or don't want to be lonely, then its not worth it any longer. They chose the adversary. Its hard to watch. As I see the challenges that many young women face I wonder what gives some the moral courage to remain steadfast and immovable and some will stand strong for a while and then will give in. When it is hard for me to watch and ache for them, I often think of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, how they feel when they see them struggle and fall. How their hearts ache and how they must want them to choose the right. To return to them, to have the desire.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Haylee's Birthday week

She is so cute to watch. Giving Haylee a birthday present..leaves

Dino ride.. she only wanted to ride with Grandma until....Papa came

It has been a good week. Haylee turned 3 on Tuesday. What fun it is to spend the week at Disney World. When I bid for vacation in 2007 for 2008 I bid for this week off so that we would be able to do this. Rick of course can take it off, so we are out in Florida having a good time. Its fun to see it through Haylee's eyes. Everything is so exciting. She is soaking everything in. She wants to see the characters but not with out someone near her. Mommy holds her and then she is good. It takes awhile then she warms up. Her facial expressions are great.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Don't Worry Brett I'm okay

I know Brett is worried about me. But don't be I'm okay. The post about words from Meridith isn't because I'm not doing well. I saw that in her scriptures when I was putting them away. I had gotten hers out because I left mine in my car. I do think about her, what she might tell me right now, only because she would have an opinion. She was always her siblings biggest supporter. When her older siblings would make stupid choices she would tell me it will be alright. Maybe she knew it or maybe she wanted it to be so.

Marcia will enjoy this one, we were driving the other day with someone in our car (probably Brittany) but we were talking about missionaries and how Meridith wrote Brett and Richie on their missions. Somehow we talked about when Richie wrote Meridith a letter and sent it by way of Marcia. Marcia gave it to Meridith but there was noooo way Meridith was going to let Marcia read it. She never did. Oddly enough I have never gone through her letters since she died. I did look through her journals, I wish there was more. I did find a journal that she had to write for a class, it was about her feelings about service and the gospel. I did write her teacher and thank her for having them do that.

I love each of my kids. I want the best for each of them. I want to have an eternal family, to be reunited with Meridith. No Rachel this is not about you. Its my thoughts and I don't want anyone thinking that I'm not doing well. Yes I miss her. I don't think that will ever go away. I do remember her, good and bad, kind and well not so kind. I do remember her smile, her laugh, her knowledge of who she is. Today at work someone asked me about her and school(Boswell) how did I handle things.

Lessons at church have been very meaningful for me. Probably because I'm struggling with my own issues. I have always said how it is. I guess because I was grateful that my advisers or friends told me how it should be. Well for my own children they don't care for it, I know that I can be hard, only because I love them. Rachel use to say that I could say things to kids because they knew that I love them. But when it comes to my own kids they know that I love them...but they don't like it. I can be very critical of my own kids(their choices) because I only want whats best for them...and its our eternal family at jeopardy. Prayer has become hard for me lately because of frustrations. Its not that I don't realize that I should pray, but sometimes I feel like Satan waits and then makes sure that what I pray about is harder for me that it was before. I know its stupid. I look around an know that everyone has some sort of heartache. No one is exempt.

My sweet sister in law asked me if I have ever doubted the church.. I told her no. When I joined the church, my testimony was firm, and has always been firm. That doesn't mean that I don't struggle. I do. But not on the church or the right things to do. I remember a saying that Rachel made in young women's (actually I think it was Shaunna) You can't do wrong and feel right. How true that statement is. No matter what its about. You can't be mean and feel right, or angry or hateful the list can go on and on. I have always known that Satan will work hard on me. Why?? I don't know. I sure wish he did not. I'm not angry at Heavenly Father for having Meridith leave this world so soon. I don't like it but I'm not angry at him. I always knew it. I wish she could have stayed a little longer. But I know she is still near by. There are glimpses I see of her or thoughts about her. Some that include her siblings, who knows if those are for this life or the next.
I do have a testimony and I do know that Meridith came and fulfilled a purpose. She chose this family and she chose to let Brett come first and then let him be the one to tell her goodbye. We may not understand why it had to happen then but I know that it was her time.(I don't like it) but it was. She is watching us and I know that she understands the big picture and we can't always see it. But we keep trying.

Okay enough said. I'm okay I promise

Monday, November 3, 2008

Words From Meridith

Today when I went to put Meridith's scriptures away this card was inside. I looked at it and thought about her last year at school, high school and college. It applies to me today if I can figure out how to copy it and post it here I will later

Read my scriptures
Praying morning & night .................qualities I need to
doing well in school .....................improve on
not judging people
being kind to everyone
going out & meeting new people
dress modestly
live honestly

then on the back side

"Right marriage begins
with Right dating"

active in the church
Strong testimony
went on his mission
worthy priesthood holder
reads scriptures .................................qualities I want in
prays everyday husband
very social
great sense of humor

I know that she will have all those thngs one day.

I need to improve on these things as well.

Give Thanks

This time of the year is set apart to give thanks. We need to look for many blessings that we have. The Lord blesses us and I know for me I sometimes forget to look for them and be grateful. I am thankful that the Lord is there for me, even when I feel like its just me.