Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another year has gone by

Another May 12 has come and gone. Life does go on, maybe not as we would like it to be but as it is. We all miss her, our children always come to the cemetery together, I think sometimes they worry about me, but I'm ok. Do I like it NO but I know where she is. Natalie sent me an email Saturday and I think John said it the best. I am thankful for their friendship, for their love they have for Meridith. She loved them lots. When she would come home from California she would tell me and Rick how great they were. Here is what Natalie and John wrote, how comforting their words are: Natalie wrote The time and the years are passing and yet we still so vividly remember Meridith and how awesome she is. She is so greatly missed by so many. What a great impact she had on so many lives including ours. I love Meridith and I just wanted you to know that I an thinking of her and of you my dear friends. John wrote: The years pass away but the memory of the loved one remains. The void that's left in our lives cannot be filled. However there is hope that rises with us every morning. We know separation is temporary. Over there just beyond the horizon, a sweet reunion is planned by a loving Heavenly Father. Then, tears will be dried, sorrow will melt away, and the sweet joy of holding once again the one so cherished and longer for will fill the heart with unspeakable joy that will never wane away. The God of Love will see that we will be one again and full of the thrill of eternal union. We shall not want for anything for our hearts will overflow with continuously renewed light and life. On this special day, our hearts join with you to remember and celebrate together the life a remarkable young maiden, Meridith, who briefly came among us and graces us with the sweetness of her pure spirit. With Love Natalie and John. What comforting words they wrote and how I cherish that knowledge.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Planting Flowers

When we built this house we (I) never dreamed about how much work the flower beds would take. Don't get me wrong, I love flowers, l love the colors, but I hate the weeding. I didn't think about how long it would take to pull them and how fast they would grow back. Haylee and Papa picked out 4 flats of flowers a few weekends ago and we planted them. Since then I bought another flat and then Haylee, Papa and I picked up 3 more flats. And we atill have more to buy and plant. Thats the beauty of flowers. Haylee and Papa and Uncle Brett, planted the garden. So far we have tomatoes and onions and carrots. We have peppers to plant today. Life jsut seems really busy to me. Working full time is tough. I love my job though, but sometimes I miss the part time hours. The spring has been really beautiful, I love Texas wild flowers, the blue bonnets were wonderful this year. I love the hill sides when they are in bloom.