Friday, October 31, 2008

Lessons ths week

One of the talks at church on Sunday was on prayer. Sister Cook did amazing. I have thought about it this week. I know that I need to be better. Rick and I talked about it one day and he said he really enjoyed it too. I know that Heavenly Father hears us. But sometimes for me it hard not knowing the answers to my prayers. I guess I'm a why person, and what am I suppose to learn form this. So far I haven't gotten any of those answers lately. I wish I would. Then Relief Society was really good as well. I guess i just needed to me reminded of several things lately. I still have a hard time saying the right things... or should I say not saying anything when I should not. I guess the Lord is still patient with me, I should be more understanding than I am sometimes.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Thanks Mom

I have a great mother. She has always been my best supporter. I look back on my life and I am grateful to have her as my mother. I know that she has been through alot in her life. My mom got married at 14 and had my sister at 16 and me at 18. My dad had been married before and so he had a daughter that was about 3 when they got married. I asked my mother what made her get married soooo young. She said my dad just kept asking her and she gave in. Well anyone who knows her now she just doesn't give in.
One time while in Nebraska visiting my grandfather, who was wonderful, I realized "Oh, now I see where the stubbornness comes from" My grandfather my mother and now me and guess what too. As we talked about family traits and what my great grandmother was like(I never met her) she was really stubborn. But come on she had 13 kids, she had to hold her ground. Her first 2 were twin boys with my grandfather being the oldest.(and what jokers they were)
My mom has dealt with alot in her life. My grandmother(her mom) died in my mothers arms when my mom was 18 and I was 2 months old. My mom had a 2 year old and a new baby and now dealing with the death of her mother. What alot to deal with. Plus my Aunt Karen her younger sister was only 15 when her mother died. It could not have been easy.
Her best a love in her life came much later. His name was Big Jim because he was sooo tall. His name was actually James but everyone knew him as Big Jim. What great guy he was. He had the best outlook on life. He taught me alot. Even when he was dying of cancer he had the best outlook. He loved my mother and all of us. When he died I know that it broke my mothers heart. She lost her best friend and love of her life.
A few years later her baby sister died. That is what my always called her. When my Aunt Karen died it has been hard. My mom and Aunt were very close. Karen moved to Texas to live near my mother (after her husband died of cancer). Karen did not like the heat but she loved her sister.
My sister had been sick for a long time now. Really bad for almost 2 years. My mother has always been there for her. I sometimes think to the detriment of her own health. She keeps going, now she has my niece and her 3 kids that live with her. Her life is never dull.
I love my mom and all that she has taught me. Rick says she is the greatest mother in law ever. He says that she has taught him alot. I am very grateful to have been blessed my having her as my mother. Thanks Mom for teaching me many great lessons in life through your example and willingness to share and be there for others. You are a wonderful mom, and I love you.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a good friend

There are people who come into your life that leave such a imprint. Several years ago I had that experience. One summer Meridith went out to California with Dani, what a great time they had. I look back at pictures of them and see the fun they had. During that time Meridith stayed at Dani's grandma and papa's house with them. What a house full they had and didn't mind having one more. Meridith was already good friends with Dani and her family and now she had more friends. Lana's sisters and their children. Meridith talked about it for along time after she came back. They went to the Los Angles temple and did baptism. Lana's dad (papa) did the baptisms what an experience for all that went. Meridith went out another time to spend time with Andrea(she had tons of fun) remember the man jogging on the beach in his speedo. Meridith has that scrapbooked. What makes me realize how fortunate I am is because Natalie, Lana's mom became a good friend to me. She came into my life at a time that I needed someone. She is someone that has loved my family. I think back to when they moved here from California. What a change for them. What a blessing for us. They lived just down the street. John became our home teacher. When Rachel had Haylee and we were in Argentina picking up Brett, who did Rachel call when Haylee was crying and so was Rachel, Natalie, and she came right away. Didn't even hesitate. Natalie was able to calm Rachel and Haylee. What a blessing. When Meridith died, John came to the house right away, before we left for Mexico. When we came back Natalie came here many days, did laundry and what ever else that need to be done here. She cooked and served at the funeral, as did many people. Now Natalie is leaving to served a mission with her husband. I know that she will touch many lives. She has certainly touched mine. Her faith and testimony has carried me, and I am a better person because I have had the privilege to call her FRIEND.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Drive to Louisiana

Saturday morning Aaron and Kim came over for our drive to Louisiana. It was about 6 1/2 hours. It wasn't a bad drive but Aaron and Kim slept most of the way down and neither one of them are very talkative. We got there in plenty of time, we still had a couple of hours to waste. It was nice we had lunch and went shopping at Old Navy, got some great deals for men. The game....well it was against a division 1 school and SVU is a little school. Completely different rankings, which was not good for the score. Brett made the only touchdown AND he kicked the extra point, it was great. I know he was thrilled. Kenny and Isabell came in from Houston to watch the game. That was really nice of them. It is some much fun to have family there. Rachel, Haylee, my Mom and Brittany and of course Rick drove down of Friday. Brittany got to see Brett Friday. It was good. I didn't get to see him much because I didn't get to go till Sat but that's OK.

Life has been so busy lately.