Sunday, December 27, 2009

Lessons in Life

When we spent time in Brussels with John and Natalie our conversations would alot of times end up talking about Meridith. I think it was really good for Rick, he shared with them different thoughts. He worried that it was awkward for them, they of course assured us it was not. But it has certainly given me time to reflect on the different stages of our lives. Different things that have happened and things that have been said or done. For those of you who know me, know that it is very difficult for me to let anyone help me, or to ask for help. John and Natalie moved down the street from us in the late summer of 2005. When Rachel had Haylee, and we were in Argentina with Brett, Rachel called Natalie late one night when she needed some reassurance, and a mother's love. Some may think that was a conscience, but I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father. When Meridith died John was our home teacher and he came as soon as he heard. Natalie came everyday to do what ever need to be done here at our house. I know they moved to Texas for a reason and maybe it was for more than one but I know that the Lord knows what we need.

Today I have been asked to teach a lesson in Relief Society in the singles ward. The lesson is from conference 2009 Robert D Hales Seeking to Know God, Our Heavenly Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. It has certainly given me time to reflect on my own testimony of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I'm not sure when I gained my testimony, but I know that I am most grateful that I have one. I think that when people chose to not follow the teachings then they flounder in life. Some who have never had the gospel, when found they never let go. Others may let let it come and go in their lives when its easy. I read about someone who's family joined the church and so did she, but she said that one day she would like for it to be important in her life again, when she was not so selfish. I was surprised by that statement. Maybe I should be, but for me I know that God lives and that he loves us. I know that Jesus Christ suffered and died for each of us. Not just for me but for everyone. I know that even when someone hurts me deeply that I can't blame God or Christ, whether they are in the church are family or friends. I still need to forgive them, how ungrateful would I be if I didn't and then expected Christ to forgive me of all that I have done, knowingly or even unknowingly. During these last few months as I have read the scriptures I have tried to understand how people get sucked into the pride cycle, how do they let their testimonies wither. I know that I am blessed to know that God lives. I know that I can not be too careful with that knowledge. Satan will certainly use every force and deception that is out there to try to ensnare all of us. I struggle daily with that. Why can't he just leave us alone. I know why...we are a force of good, we can and do make a difference in each others lives, like wise if we don't follow what we know or even believe is true then we are falling right into Satan's trap and he will win.
Hopefully today I will have the spirit with me as I try to teach that we truly have a Heavenly Father and his Son Jesus Christ who really loves us.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

31 years together

December 15, 1978

As I think back over the last 31 years, I am thankful that we made the choice to be married in the temple. Neither of our parents were there because there are not members, but that did not stop either of us from wanting to be married for eternity. What a blessing that choice has been in our lives. We have been blessed with 4 beautiful children whom we love dearly. Rick is a great man I love him dearly. He is a great provider, father and a super great PaPa. He has always been supportive of me. He surprises me often. Thanks for the last 31, looking forward to eternity.

Friday, December 11, 2009


This is the Atomuim it was vey neat you actually went into the balls of several of them. We took an elevator to the top and then back down, then you took escalators and stairs the rest of the way. The pictures are actually backwards but I figured I should at least get them on my blog so I don't forget.
In the miltary museum they has tanks and airpalnes, we also saw a automobile museum it was very intresting. What a fun day.

This pictures is the view from on top of the next picture. It has an amazing view of Brussels

This reminds me of France.

This is a real mmmy, you can actually see their bones an toenails, teeth and all..
I find it intresting that it has two crypts, shaped like this. Rick said its like ours caskets, we put them in one and then put the casket in a concrete vault.

Today we toured a couple of museums and then we went to the Atomium (something like that) it was quite unique. Lots of fun, we met another missionary couple today the Phairs they are from Utah, we ate at this yummy place, it was like a wrap we call it a tortilla they called it a crepe. Which ever it was yummy. Here are some pictures of today. We did have some yummy belgium chocolates. But no belgium waffles, but there is always tomorrow.
AS you can tell I got the pictures and words mixed up, but oh well. What great day we had today. Lots of walking but its the friends that make it the best.


Its so good to spend time with John and Natalie.

The Christams tree at Grand Palc

We are in Brussels. Its is beautiful here. We are with our dear friends the Arhets. It is so great to see them. Last night when we met up we went to Grand Plac, it use to be where the diffent trade buildings were now its lots of shops. There were street vendors, we have some yummy hot chocolate, a wonderful dinner, it was steaks with french fries and salad. After dinner we went back to find a beligum waffle, on ours we put chocolate and strawberries, John and Natalie had just chocolate. It was so yummy. we will certianly have more of thoses. Fries here are a speciality, they fry them twice. They are really yummy, they have stands that sell fries. hey are a few pictures.