Thursday, August 4, 2011

Church on Sunday

I was lucky to take Haylee to church on Sunday. She loves to go to church. She called me Sunday morning as I was getting ready to leave for the single ward. At first she told me that she was going to church with her mommy and Kristen, I thought that great. Then they called back and Rachel wasn't going so I could take Haylee. A week ago when I took her to church the primary pianist said she sing so good, and knows the songs. The primary Cd's for the years sacrament program really make a difference. She is such a doll and I just lover her. We got to church and there didn't seem like a lot of people were there or at least not a lot singing. Brett and Brittany and the boys got there and we got to sit together. As we sang the rest hymn I missed hearing Rachel and Meridith's voices. They both have such wonderful voices. I listen to the sounds around me and just missed them. I always know the Lord is mindful of me, so as we sang the closing song "Each Life That Touches Ours for Good". It made me of course think of Meridith. I can now get through that song, on occasion it still catches me off guard. I am thankful for the knowledge of the atonement, for eternal families. I can not imagine trying to figure this life out without reassurance of being together as a family. I hope that all of our family will want to be there. I have had such strong feelings about genealogy wanting to know who the rest of our family was how their thoughts and desires came to help me be the person that I am.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Life is zooming by

Life has been going by so fast I have not even looked at my blog or any ones since May, Crazy I know. Between work or Young Single Adult Ward and Young Women's (on occasion sleep) its been busy.

In June we had our Young Women's Camp. Our theme was "Its a Jungle Out There"
We used the 13th Article of Faith and we used jungle animals for the virtues. As stake leaders we were the Honest Zebras. It was so much fun. Our Stake Camp director is so talented and so much fun. We did a trading post, the girls brought items to "trade" for goodies, the items were donated to the women's shelter for abused women and children. We made so many bags for the shelter, they wrote notes of encouragement to them. Here is a picture of the trading post.

Camp was so much fun. We had horse back riding, BB guns, archery, swimming. We had a spiritual class every day. One day we used the talk from April's conference from Dallin H Oaks

On Desire, the statement we used is "Desires dictate our priorities, priorities shape our choices and choices determine our actions. I think what strikes me the most on this statement, is that sometimes our desires are good, but when that desire takes longer than we thought it should then we start changing that desire to be a little different. Like friends, or relationships or jobs. What are we value are we willing to change to get what we desire. We had young women's camp Tuesday through Saturday. Then on Sunday we had our opening fireside for youth conference. We had the Dallas Temple President come and talk to the youth, we then set Wednesday and Thursday for the wards to come to the temple and the youth do baptisms. Each ward had a time in which to come, it was wonderful. On Friday we had workshops at the stake center, had breakfast lunch and dinner for the kids, President Hadley spoke on Friday and then we had a dance. Saturday we met back at the stake center and then we went out by Granbury (by buses) to float the Brazos. It was a good day. We had lunch and then went back to the stake center and then home. Sunday we had our testimony meeting, it was really good to hear how so many of them had a good experience and how they could relate to the different activities that we did. What a great time.

We know that our time as the Stake Young Women's Presidency is coming to an end. This has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much from Victoria, Bev and Marie. My testimony has been strengthen so much. The Lord certainly has blessed each of us, we worked really well together. Bev and I did not know any one. Victoria and Marie had been in the same ward for a time before their wards had been split. I truly have loved serving with them. I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am thankful for my family.

On July 18 Cooper Kyllo was born to Aaron and Kim. He is so cute. We know have 1 grand daughter and 3 grand sons. They are such a blessing to us. I know that I want our family to be together forever. Keep pulling for us Meridith, I know you are close by.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 12. 5 years later

5 years ago our family dynamics changed.
over the last 5 years what have I learned?

Even though I knew how special Meridith was and how we would not have her long . I miss her.
Christ is there for us but heartache is still heartache.
5 years later it is still tough.
we all handle our grief differently
my faith has never wavered but I often wonder why
and what am I suppose to learn from this.
It does not get easier we just get use to it.
Some people place blame where they have no right.
Heavenly Father has not forgotten me or my desire to feel her near.
Tender mercies come often when I need them most
I had been thinking about her one Sunday and in Releif Society we sang one of her favorite songs "As Sisters in Zion" and then the closing song "Because I have been given much" that was the closing song at her baptism.
I am always amazed at those gentle reminders of her.
I know she ia near, and is watching over her family.
On May 12 after Rick and I went to the cementary, we went by Rachel's new house and painted the entrance way with out Rachel knowing, that was for Meridith. She would have suprised her sister if she had been here. ( I love you Rachel)
I am thankful for the knowledge that I will see and be with her again.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

April 27,2011 Lots of random thoughts

Life seems to be speeding by. It seems that I can't keep up. I have had so many thoughts on my mind and yet am not quite sure what to say. This year in our Young Single Adult ward in the I attended the Sunday school that was on family history. I started thinking alot about my family. Who am I most like and since I have both sets of my grandparents deceased what do they think? Are they proud of the person I have become. I have done anything that they would be embarrassed about or even disappointed about? I feel this need to have my grandparents sealed together with my 2 aunts that have passed away. I talked with my grandmother's sister. Her name is Janet, it was very interesting to talk to her. I am so glad that years ago when I got a phone number of one of her nieces that I kept it. She gave me some insight on my grandmother, even though she was quite a bit younger than her.
I have 4 siblings that I don't really even know. My father remarried and they had a son and then a set of triplets, 2 boys and a girl. I have spoken to 2 of them several times since I found them about 18 months ago. I am glad that we have begun a relationship it is exciting to get to know them better.
We are preparing for Young Women's camp again and we are excited about how it is coming together. Our theme is "Its a jungle out there" and we are using the Young Women's theme of the 13th article of faith as a guide. Each ward is a animal with the stake leaders being the zebras. I am so thankful to have served as in the Stake Young Women's presidency for so long. We have a great presidency. I have learned so very much for the other sisters that I have served with. Their example has strengthened my testimony so very much. There are times that I struggle with life in general, just like everyone, but the gospel is what gives me the strength and courage to continue. I want to return to live with my family, as crazy as it may be.
We had a lesson on honesty in Relief Society, Jessica who taught the lesson did a great job. I think about Rick's description of a lie. Saying something with the intent to deceive. When you think about it that way it gives a different perspective. Do you says something about someone else that somewhat true not not entirely? Do we says things that make us look good and someone else look bad? And if so why? Is it because we don't like that person, or ourselves.
What do we really think Christ has done for us, and we really want to be the cause of his suffering? I had someone tell me something about a person, they feel that this person like drama. You know family drama to keep it going or at least to hear all the family gossip. I had to stop and think, do I contribute to that pot stirring. I had to think about what I might say about someone else. Would I say that to them, you know interestingly enough I would. I guess I prefer for others to be honest to me that to sugar coat it. I did have a young women who is now in the singles ward tell me recently that she enjoyed it when I spoke. That I would tell them honestly and share my personal stories and feelings. I am thankful that I knew that I had been honest with them at all times.
I know that this is very random but I figured that I better write down some of my thoughts while they are still there. I wish I had a journal of any of my relatives so that I could read of their feelings and struggles. OK I know that I am getting older so some of the things that we have been told to do all along is now making sense to me.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Days

I can't believe it almost March. Life seems to be getting busier and busier. My mom says I never get any rest. Sometimes I agree, but for me its always better to be busy. At the beginning of February we had several days of Ice and Snow. It was crazy. Rick went to San Diego the day it started and came home on that Friday. I stayed at my Mom's and it was a good thing, the roads out here in our neighborhood were a mess. Fortunately I made it to work each day safely. In January our 3rd grandchild was born..Reagan Mckay Petty. He is so cute and cuddly. We are very blessed to have them here with us.

Such a sweet family.

Brittany watches Haylee everyday, and since Reagan has been born my mom comes over and helps out. My mom loves it.

Rick surprised my this past week and we flew to San Antonio to see the play Wicked. It was great and I loved it. Rick is not a real lover of musicals so for him to plan and surprise me made it even more special.

As our Young Women's Presidency in our Stake, we have been preparing for Girls Camp. We have a great Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director. They are doing an awesome job. Our theme this year is "Its a Jungle out There" We have 10 wards in our stake and we are naming each cabin a animal that goes along with the Youth theme which is the 13th Article of Faith. We are excited about young women's camp. The week after camp we will have youth conference. We are centering our theme around the temple. We have amazing youth in our stake. We of course like every other stake we have our challenges but we are trying to help them see how to follow the Savior and have a desire to return to Heavenly Father.

I have started doing some genealogy, I guess that it is becoming my season of life. I have a desire to find out about them and understand how our family dynamics play into who I have become. I know my grandparents (both of them) were strong people. I spoke to my great Aunt Janet. I have never meet her, she is my grandmothers younger sister. My grandmother died over 50 years ago. I wish I could have known her, I wonder how different our life would have been.

I had to teach Relief Society on sacrifice. How much are we really willing to sacrifice to return to live as families and with Heavenly Father? We do not live in the time when we are required to sacrifice our lives. What we in this generation have a hard time with is giving of our TIME.. we have become a instant gratification society. Everything is at the touch of a button, and so many people can not put their phones down. Whether it is email, texting facebook. They feel a need to constantly being connected. For 3 hours on Sunday's we should be able to devoted that time to the Lord. I see so many answering texts and emails. We need to be willing to devote time to the Lord, is that a sacrifice? What are we willing to sacrifice?