Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life isn't perfect its messy

Tonight I went to the movies and saw Bride Wars. It was funny. But when that statement was made, it made me think about our lives and no matter how we want something to be Life isn't perfect and sometimes its messy. Or should I say we make a mess of it. My goal is to try not to make such a mess to the ones that I love. Sometimes I say to do things that are not always the nicest. But hopefully they still forgive and sometimes forget.

Today I have been training at work to see if I would like to do what we call ramp transfer. That is when a plane is running late and passengers will miss their connection, especially international flights. We go get them and take them down the stairs and get them into a van an take them via the tarmac to the next gate and then up the elevator to their flight. Not to bad. It was interesting today. Most everyone was happy and grateful, but one lady only worried about her bag. There was another flight about 2 hours later but it was full. Her bags if they didn't make it would be on that flight and we would deliver them.. But the entire ride...she griped.... the other 2 people going on her flight to Honolulu we just happy to be there and not miss their flight. Again Life isn't perfect its messy.
Have a great night.


Dinner group was really fun. We went to Cierra and Randy's it was really fun. I took Rachel along with me because Rick's brother Gary came in and they don't get to see one another very often. In fact he had to leave before church started and Rick left before Gary got up. But Rachel and I had a great time. It was fun to play games and talk with the Holly and Kimball and Kathy and Steve. We had a yummy dinner and played a very fun game. The guys won, which included Rachel. It was a very fun night. Thank Cieraa for hosting the great dinner.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thanks Rachel

Rachel and I had a nice time together today. Just kinda hanging out and going shopping. It was good. As we were walking into Kohls Haylee said just the girls. Mommy how many? So they counted and she said just 3 girls, but the way she says girls is so cute. We just love Haylee she is our little princess. Thanks for the good day.