Thursday, February 21, 2008


My sister has not been well for almost a year now. Starting last May and it has continued to get worse. She went into the hosital before Brett and Brittany got married on June 1. She got out for a few days(after being there for about 2-3 weeks) and then had to be taken by ambulance to the hospital again. Then in July I think or the first part of August she had to have her leg amputated. She was in the hospital for about another 6-8 weeks then she went to a nursing home. Life has not been good for her. Well on Feb 7 I talked to her and she didn't really know much that was going on.. I being the impatient little sister (kinda bossy...okay really bossy) I asked her "Terri do you remember anything. " She really didn't. I called and talked to her nurse...frustrating..she told me that she has the flu. I asked her don't you think that being sick for 4 days ( you know that diaharrea kind) maybe we should take her blood and she if everything is ok? Not her blood sugar but her blood count. Well to make a long story short my niece went up there to see her and they took her to the hospital.. She almost died. Her blood pressure was 70 and they did exploratory surgery and found that she has a kindney stone, and a realy bad infection. Once they get the infection cleared up they will take her back to surgery to get rid of the kidney stone.
If that wasn't stressful Jimmy was shot and killed on Satuday Feb 9. It is very sad to have someone so young be killed. I know how difficult it is for the family. There is nothing that will ever prepare you, in the event of death. I know that. My heart aches for them. I understand the heart ache. This next few weeks and then months and years will be in life while Jimmy was alive and since Jimmy died. Everyone wonders what can they do to help. Just be there for them. Its okay to talk about Jimmy to remember him, the pain will always be there but you don't want him forgotten. I know that they are very blessed that Jimmy had a baby girl. I pray that Christine will be able to see her often. For us Haylee has been a wonderful blessing. Not that she takes Meridith's place but she helps fill the void. She brings laughter everyday. I watch Rick with her and see the Joy in his eyes as he watches her grow, and learn new things.
Families are the most important part of our life. If they aren't they should be. No family is perfect. Everyone has disagreements. (even as kids get older) But we should all remember that we have a family. We need to love them and tell them that we love them. Don't let a day go by with out telling them.
I am thankful everyday for my mom she has always been my rock. No matter what transpired in my life she has always been there.
I am thankful for my children. They have taught me much. Each one of them.
I watch Rachel with Haylee and see what a good mom she is. How she talks with Haylee and tells her everything. For Rachel's testimony, how she has taught Haylee to pray.
I love Aaron he is a good person. He is our quiet one, alot like Rick. I want whats best for him.
Brett and Brittany..they are great together..Brett is great with Haylee, she loves him. Meridith described Brett best...a little kid in a big persons body. Brittany what a joy she is. So very sweet..We all love her. She fits with our family.
Meridith is now our angel to watch us and pray that we all stay true and faithful..
We all miss her everyday.
Rick, my sweet husband. I am very blessed. He is always supportive. He allows me to be me. (what ever that may be) He is funny, kind, loving, works hard at home and at church. He has a great testimony. I love him.

Remember to tell your family that you love them.