Tuesday, June 1, 2010

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Kimmie's Birthday

Kimmie had a birthday on Friday May 28. Happy birthday to her. We went as a family to La Familia for dinner, it was great. The food there is wonderful. We had a great time. We collectively got her a Kindle. She is an avid reader (great job) and I thought what better gift that that. So thanks to my Mom, Aaron, Kim's parents and Rick and I, I think she was just a little surprised. One day she was looking at the paper at the Sony e reader. I didn't really know much about them, so I asked her, but sometimes my asking questions gives away my thoughts. But it was fun anyway. She has been good for Aaron, she is the best aunt to Haylee and Calan. She plays with them and loves them dearly. Our start with Kim was rocky but she hung in there and I am glad she is a part of our family. We did take pictures but they are in Rick's camera in his car soo pictures to come later.