Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike did some major damage. We were fortunate here it turned and went east. We were lucky. But for many they were not. Just an update on our family in Houston. Kenny and Isabel and Chrissy and Jason, they have power. Todd and Alisha and Kenneth they don't. Well Todd and Alisha have a generator. We are blessed to know that they are all well and safe.

Friday, September 12, 2008

One Choice

Today as I was sitting in the hospital with my mom, because my sister is back in the hospital again. I began to think about One Choice. What can just one choice do for you, does it really matter. I thought about when Terri and I first moved to Texas, and one choice that I made was to call the church when Julie and I were watching TV and a commercial came on about the church. Just one choice. Terri, Julie and I all joined the church. What a huge impact on my life, all because of that 1 choice. Terri married Bobby who joined the church, but wasn't really converted. I sometimes wonder if she married Bobby because she thought she might not get married. 1 choice, latter they were sealed in the Switzerland temple but were never active, only active while in Germany, and after Cindy was born and had some medical issues and they got a blessings from the Elders. 1 choice. Julie married a member but he would never get his act together to take her to the temple. Julie thinks about that alot, because when her daughter Elizabeth died from a heart defect she knows she will not have her in the eternities to come. I have thought today about my life and the choices I have made, about how I can trace my blessings back to 1 important choice and then another choice in my life. How different it could have been, had I not joined the church, or remained active, or married in the temple or after Brett was born if I decided not to have any more children even though I knew we had 1 more. It all comes down to a choice. Our choices make us the type of people we are, it shapes us, but I know that at 18 I really didn't understand how important that 1 choice would be. I certainly understand it now. Many times we think that this or that doesn't really matter but it does. That 1 choice makes all the difference. Now and forever. Its late so I hope this makes sense.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Football Games

This weekend I had off so we went to see Brett play football. He did a great job. This was one of Brittany's weekends to be there. I wish that she didn't have to be separated from Brett,but its just 4 months, that is what we keep telling ourselves. I know that it is hard for her, but she is a trooper. Brittany's parents Jeff and Laurie and Sarah came down for the game. It was fun. They have done a lot for Brett at school this semester. They took him a bed, couch, dresser,TV, a lamp, bookcase a chair. They have been very supportive. Laurie made some of Brittany's favorite foods for the game. She is a good cook. She even makes bagels. Something I never thought of making, I guess because cooking is not my favorite. Brittany sure loves them. Rick and I got back Sunday afternoon and Brittany got home Sunday night. It was good to be back home. This makes 2 Sundays that Rick has either missed some or all of church, he has great counselors and executive secretary. I know he would be lost with out them. I love watching Brett play. They won which made him much happier than last week. The score was 55-25, it was in the 4 quarter when the other team made their points, when out team put the back ups to the back ups in. I won't get to go next weekend. I have a stake dance and stake meetings on Sunday. Too bad, its good to see him. Gives me something to look forward to.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Nasley and Merina


Meridith always had such good friends. These pictures are on her computer, plus lots more. They come up as her screen saver. Its bitter sweet, I am grateful she took so many pictures, and she included herself in so many. Many of the she took herself. Her graduation present of a digital camera was the perfect one for her. She used it all the time. It is good to look at them.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Faces of Meridith

Today Meridith you would be 22. I remember the day you were born. 2:59 am you came into this world. Our lives would never be the same. As a little girl you were shy, and didn't like your brothers to fight. You would watch Rachel and ask her all sorts of questions, embarrassing ones for the older sister. As a young women you knew who you were. I was always impressed by your voice and beauty. But you never thought your were beautiful. But you were. I think that made you even more beautiful. People would always comment on your beauty. Your whole earth life was ahead of you and Heavenly Father decided that it was time for you to return. Its not easy for me. not a day goes by that I don't think about you. I know that I should get use to you being gone, but I haven't. Amamda sent you flowers today. She thinks about you often. You came into this world and touched so many lives. I'm not sure that you even realize the lives you touched. It certainly came from that inner beauty that you had. I have come to realize that you must have known that you were sent here for a purpose. you stayed strong and your faith never waivered. Thanks for your example. You were always your siblings biggest supporter. You understand better than we do how important eternal families are.

Meridith and Merina

Meridith and Haylee. She loved Haylee and was so thrilled to be Aunt Mer Mer.
Deisha, Meridth, Sheree. These girls became such good friends in such a short time. Deisha made college life so fun.

Meridith I love you. This picture captures your beautiful smile.Meridith and Caden Butterfield. Meridith really loved those boys.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Football Season

Here is a picture of Brett linning up at the start of the game. He loves playing football. Brittany said with his pads on it really makes his thighs look huge. Its always fun to watch Brett play.

I had Brittany stop as she cameback up the stairs to get a cute picture of her tummy. While she was away she started showing more.... she looks sooo cute

Here is Brett and Brittasny after the game. We were glad Brett smiled... Even though he really didn't want to. He played a good game but the lost the the othere school.. Its not Brett thing to lose. He did hold it together though.. Good Job Brett..