Sunday, February 28, 2010

So many thoghts.

Life has been crazy lately with lots going on. We have youth conference in 3 weeks. And we are in crunch time to make sure everything gets done. We have awesome Young Men and Young Women leaders. I am very blessed to work with them. Our theme this year Moroni's Quest. Our wish this year for youth conference is for testimonies to be formed and strengthened. I think of my own testimony of the Book of Mormon and I am grateful that I do have one. I am thankful that it is strengthened everyday. Last year I read the Book of Mormon 2 times with in about 6 months. That was a record for me. But it gave me such a different outlook and understanding. We will be praying for NO rain in March because we will have yucky conditions since we will be camping out. I am thankful of the time frame in which I was born. I am thankful for showers and washers and dryers all the luxuries of life that we do enjoy. I appreciate all the pioneers did for us, but I am ever so grateful that I don't live in that era.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


What happens when pride gets in our way? Last fall I interviewed for a new job. Its actually what we call a TDY position. Its in our training department. Its has been an interesting ride so far. When I was first approached about putting in for the position, I thought no way...I'm quite happy coming in working my 4-5 hours and going home. I don't do drama at work, so many people don't do their jobs, because they are so worried about others. So back to the position..I filled out the paperwork and they called me that Wednesday or Thursday for an interview on Friday. On Thursday night I had a Stake Auxiliary Training meeting that I talked about our experience in Nauvoo when we took Meridith's name through. So Friday Morning Rick is driving me to work, we were going somewhere after work(I can't remember now where or what) but as we drove in I had decided that I probably didn't want the job. What I had to prepare was to teach the people that I am interviewing with something. I told Rick, well I didn't really know what to teach them, about the temple wasn't really a good idea, we decided to talk about baking cookies with Haylee. And the steps that we do and if we are to teach someone something we need to give them tools to succeed and then check back with them. At American all interviews are in groups..every time I have interviewed I have had as few as 2 others and as many as 8-10. I have sat in on panel interviews to decided if we are going to hire people.So as I am sitting there I'm thinking, "What are you doing?" the other people probably want this job lots more than you do. They asked all sorts of questions about experiences we have had...well serving in the church has given me so many opportunities and knowledge and life experiences, plus having kids....anyone that has had them understand YOU learn a lot. SO I got called in for a 2nd interview with 2 different people than the first interview. I had to write a bulletin that would be posted for all agents in DFW to read when new things come out. Long story I know, but here is where PRIDE comes in. There were 3 people down in training and they had gotten pretty comfortable in their job, and since I didn't get into anyone else's business they did their own thing. They were not working well with the manager and someone asked how could they be in training, and then they realized that it actually is a TDY (temporary duty) and some had been down there for 10 years... a long time. Since they didn't want to do anything different their manager decided to open the job up for others..hence I put in for the job. The 3 that were down there decided to be mean and vindictive, they shredded papers, lesson materials and who knows what else. The manger was going to phase them out over probably the next few shifts bids which sometimes last 6 months..they decided that they would just all go at the same time. I guess they thought they were totally indispensable..well no one is. I was offered the job and I at first told her let me think about it. I know some would think I was crazy.. I have a set schedule with weekends off. But I like my job, I like working with people. I try to make a difference. I accepted and then they offered Teri another agent the position to, they were hiring 3 new instructors. It was probably another month before they offered the job to Wayne. Ok, with a little of the background out of the way. One of old instructors has tried her best to make us look bad. I know that after all this has happened she realized that she shot her self in the foot. She thoughtany one else would not be able to do her job, but we have...all the agents who come down to training tell us they are so glad we are down there, they the department is so much better. The other instructors kept the door locked and closed at all times, the room was small cubicles, and it was dirty. We have opened it up and made it a happy place to come to. But they have not stopped trying to make our lives miserable. Anything we have learned we have done it on our own.. they gave us NOT 1 ounce of help. We yesterday, they pushed a little to far... actually one lied about whether this one person is qualified to teach a jetbridge class, she actually trained him and had him help her alot over the past several years. So she thought we were going to fall apart, well she didn't' know that I have been trained by the top trainer and an certified to teach. Her pride has so gotten into her that she is so bent to destroying any and all who she can. Because she has been with American for so long, she had lots of buds all around. She enlists the help of some others. Other big bosses have told her friends to stop and leave the training department alone. What I find is that sometimes we back ourselves in a corner and instead of realizing that we made a mistake and change whats happening we chose to make it worse and we get mad at ourselves but we take it out on others. I think had this lady, changed her attitude life would be better for her, instead she is making it worse and worse. I have lost all respect for her professionally. She had been a ok instructor, but her character leaves lots to be desired. Pride is a deadly sin, we can become engulfed in it before we realize it. Its amazing how the scriputres teach us so much about pride and how deadly it is. In the Book of Mormon so often bad things happened when they became so prideful. How long do we wait, what has to happen, before we take a look and realize the Lord's hand in our lives, or where it should be.