Tuesday, May 17, 2011

May 12. 5 years later

5 years ago our family dynamics changed.
over the last 5 years what have I learned?

Even though I knew how special Meridith was and how we would not have her long . I miss her.
Christ is there for us but heartache is still heartache.
5 years later it is still tough.
we all handle our grief differently
my faith has never wavered but I often wonder why
and what am I suppose to learn from this.
It does not get easier we just get use to it.
Some people place blame where they have no right.
Heavenly Father has not forgotten me or my desire to feel her near.
Tender mercies come often when I need them most
I had been thinking about her one Sunday and in Releif Society we sang one of her favorite songs "As Sisters in Zion" and then the closing song "Because I have been given much" that was the closing song at her baptism.
I am always amazed at those gentle reminders of her.
I know she ia near, and is watching over her family.
On May 12 after Rick and I went to the cementary, we went by Rachel's new house and painted the entrance way with out Rachel knowing, that was for Meridith. She would have suprised her sister if she had been here. ( I love you Rachel)
I am thankful for the knowledge that I will see and be with her again.