Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bubba's Wedding

On Wednesday Rick, Brett and Brittany and I flew to California for Bubba's wedding. Brett met Bubba on his mission in Argentina. It was not friends at first sight. I guess it took a while for them to be friends. Bubba came home a little over a year before Brett did. He came to visit us. You took definitely tell that he was a newly returned missionary. I know that he came to meet Meridith,(I think most missionaries knew about Brett's little sister) That's ok, she actually wrote a couple of them while Brett was on his mission. Bubba was a great support to Brett after Meridith died. I know that Brett appreciates his friendship. The wedding was very nice it was on a cliff overlooking the ocean. As they were getting ready for the wedding to start, a huge wave came up and splashed on the groomsmen. Fortunately the spots didn't last long, No one figured we were close enough to worry about the waves,it was all good no one got tooo wet. Bubba's new wife is Tessa, she is very nice. They had a nice reception at Tessa's bishops house. It was very pretty. The weather was great. It was not hot, everyone said that last week it was super hot. Great for us nice cool weather. On Thursday morning we took Brittany done to Rodeo Drive, she had never been to California. It was fun to spend time with Brett and Brittany. Thanks to Bubba for inviting us to your wedding.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Whats his name? For those who know him its Rick. But on his Dads side they call him Jr. on his moms side they call him Rick but...his real name is Marvin Turner Petty Jr. I didn't even know that til after we were engaged.
How long have you been together? 29 1/2 years it will be 30 yrs on December 15.
How long did you date? 2 weeks and then we got engaged and were engaged for 2 months. I know it was super fast. My parents thought so to, but hey when its right its right..
How old is he?he just had a he is 54
Who eats more?That would be Rick unless its bread or strawberry rhubarb pie, then is me.
Who said I love you first? Rick, I think
Who is taller?Rick by about 2 inches
Who sings better?Me
Who is smarter?That would be Rick. He is quite talented in many areas.
Who does he laundry?That would be me. The kids will tell you I can get anything out of clothes.. and now its summer again so I do lots of towels
Who pays the bills?Rick different times in our marriage we use to pay them together, then I paid them now Rick does.
Who sleeps on the right side?Rick
Who mows the lawn?Rick does and we have a big one to mow. He just hops on the riding mower and away he goes. He does it about 2 times a week. Sat he mowed our neighbors front yard she has been very ill.
Who cooks dinner?That would be me. Its not my favorite. Rachel does sometimes and so does Rick.
Who drives?Rick does, he prefers it that way.
Who is more stubborn?I have to say. its me
Who kissed who first?I think Rick kissed me first.
Who proposed?That would be Rick. One Saturday he meet me for lunch, I worked at the mall, after we walked around for awhile we stopped and sat down and he said that he was going to fast about our relationship. I said OK. In a couple of minutes I told him I would fast as well. He said he would cook dinner for us the next night ans we would break our fast together. I told he that would be fine. But I had a date that night with another guy(he will never let me live that one down) He sat at home watching the Return of Gilligan's Island. He fixed a great dinner. We sat on the could with the Tabernacle choir singing in the background and he asked me...he was so nervous.
Who has more friends?That would be me. Rick is not a real social person.
Who is more sensitive?Me
Who has more sibling?That would be Rick he has 2 brothers and 1 sister. I have just 1 sister. I guess technically I have more my dad remarried and had a little boy and then a set of triplets they are about 15-16 years younger than me and I haven's seen them since 1978 I only saw them for about 3 months.
Who wears the pants?Rick does and I'm very grateful, he is a great husband, father and brother.

I tag Marcia, Britini V. Lana Have fun

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Rick

Yesterday was Ricks' birthday. It was nice we got to spend the day together. We went to Sam's man why is it always expensive when you go there. But it was good. We went out to dinner, to Spring Creek. We love Bar B Que. We had a great time. Rachel, Haylee, Brett and Brittany, Taylor (our Neighbor) Gary, Darrell, it was great. Aaron had to work, we missed him. We had a nice time just sitting and talking. Hope he enjoyed his birthday. Kim is assistant made he his favorite chocolate cake. Its the best. She makes it every year for him.. she great at that. Thanks Kim.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Thanks Rick

I have been blessed with the Best Husband for me.
He has always been so supportive. He loves me, and I know that can't always be easy, I can be difficult. He carries the weight of the family and never complains. He works hard and always had. He keeps our yard(and its a big one) always looking great. He is faithful in his callings and honors the priesthood. He is always there for me. His strength over these past 2 years is comforting. I love him.

I feel her near

This last week with Brett being so sick, it was scary. Gratefully the Dr said that he would heal with time and should with no lasting effects. Over this last week as I watched him be so sick we were all so very worried. I am so very grateful to all who fasted and prayed for him. I really felt the prayers, and I know he must have too. I know that Brittany as worried as she was held it together quite well. Aaron came to the hospital one day and we were glad to see him. I miss having all the kids together.
One day as I was going to work, in my quiet time I realized that I had been thinking about Meridith quite a bit. Then Rachel told me about one of Meridith's friends that had been having dreams about her and wondered what they might mean to her. I was amazed by Rachel, her strength and her understanding of the gospel and how close Meridith really is, as she explained to Meridith's friend about the gospel and what we believe. I then realized that I must be feeling her quiet strength, her feelings about her family,and how she understands things better that I do. I realized that she was there for her brother helping him to get better. A bond that they shared even before they were born. One that they shared just before she died.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


As many of you know Brett has been very sick. I want to first thank everyone for their prayers and for fasting. I know the Lord has truly blessed us. Today is Tuesday the 10 Jun. and he is feeling much better. Let me explain what has transpired over the last week. Brittany took Brett to Care Now early Monday morning the 2 Jun the day after their 1st anniversary. Happy Anniversary (yeah right) this headache started on Sunday. They game him 3 shots. Told them that he would probably sleep and be ok....well it didn't help. Brother Ballard came over Monday night and gave him a blessing (so thankful to have the priesthood) Then went to Harris Methodist hospital there we had several shots but no Lumbar Puncture (should have had it done there) But we did not. Got home about 5am or so. I got the prescription filled from the hospital and took alot of it in the 24 hours almost the max that he could take. Went to his primary care Dr on Wed morning and they gave him 2 shots of Imtrex and it did nothing. Went to North Hills Hospital wed night (Brother Cook came and gave him a blessing)because he started throwing up blood (Dr said it could be because he throws up with such force) they gave him several shots and then IV medicine that he had to consult a Neurologist for. Well that neurologist was to busy to see him the next day. Rachel had called and they told her that. Well you don't mess with Rachel's siblings, she is like a fighting tiger when that happens. So Rachel called the primary care Dr back and they recommended Dr MacIntosh (he has been great) they took him on Thursday and he admitted him to the hospital. Brittany has been such a trooper. I know she has been terrified as she watches Brett be very sick. I know she has worried as she is about 20 weeks pregnant and Brett has been so sick and feeling like he could die.
Dr Mac wondered if he might have had pseudo cranial tumor. Where the pressure in your spine builds and makes your body think you have a tumor behind your eyes. But his lumbar puncture came back positive for viral meningitis. Pretty scary, not really any treatment just must wait it has it ever been lonnnggg. Sunday he came in tested his spinal pressure and it was at 48 it had been 42 in his office on Thurs. they drained 4 vials of fluid. Made him better at least it relived the pressure. He started having good stretches and that is what the Dr said would happen. Monday he felt somewhat better and then he started feeling really bad again. Dr Mac came in and said that his liver enzymes were up and that was not good. You know the mom in me started to worry. The meds he is getting is the most this Dr has ever prescribed in his 28 years. Then the nurse manager came in and as we talked she said that that was alot on of meds and she made me more worried. So Brett waited awhile before he took his meds. Then he actually made it all the night he went 14 hours before he needed any more(YEAHHH) then Dr Mac came in and drained more fluid off his back today. And his pressure was down to 29 yipppeee. He said he started to read more about this and he said that there was one case of a girl who had this and she had to have the pressure released from her back once a week for 5 MONTHS.....he said he did not feel that would happen to Brett. So thankful. It looks like we are getting better so excited about that.