Monday, June 29, 2009


All in all camp went very well. The girls seemed to have had a good time. We had a hard night Thursday night. Thursday night was our spiritual program night. Sister Woolford planned and prepared a wonderful evening. She spoke to the girls about finding their way and how GPS's are great and how we each have one as well. The stake leaders had a value and we each wore khaki pants with the color of t-shirt that went with our value. We had a little part that we said to each group that camp through. We asked the girls to commit to living that value as we tied a ribbon of that value to their wrists. As they came to each group we all had cd players with a cd that Sister Woolford made for each of us and we turned the cd's on as we tied the ribbons and as they walked from each group. We were far enough away from each other that we could not see or hear the other group. When the girls first started and their journey they were each given a candle in a dixie cup to carry to light the way. If it went out they were not to light it again, some went out right away because they were not very careful, some girls were very careful with theirs. One thought that I told the girls towards the end of the groups as it was getting darker into the evening, is that as they started out each had a light and could see very easily but as the night progressed on and their lights went out it was harder to see. We needed to depend on the Savior more when life becomes hard and its not as easy to see. We need to remember that Heavenly Father loves us and is there for each of us. We need to ask him for guidance and follow his commandments even when others try to lead us in a different direction. After this wonderful program, several things happened and several girls fell right into Satan's trap of not doing what is right. I know that Satan works hard on all of us and that we need to really stay on the path because he is trying to hard to pull people family.. many generations. Its just that simple.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

LOL :) part 2

On Wednesday I was able to go to Sister Tan's class, she did a great job. Then I spent the next 2-3 hours at the horses. When they said they were going to ride in the covered pavilion, I was disappointed, I thought of it as a ride around the ranch, but after seeing that sooo many girls have never ever been around horses and did not even know how to get on them, I thought OK good idea. The ranch activities were fishing and doing a large obstacle course bounce house. The girls could race one another, I heard it was great. We had sandwiches for lunch, scripture and journal time and then we heard from Sister Furniss, she did a great job. She talked about her growing up and what it was like she brought her old letter jacket and pictures of her families farm and talked about things in her life that gave her, her foundation. She brought her old Merry Miss banner, things that she has done as a member of the church. For dinner that night we had lasagna, it took much longer than they had thought, so dinner was running late. We went into the kitchen to help and starting cooking it in the least we got it started before the rest got done.
Thursday we had the same classes, with the exception of it was my turn to teach. I taught on What"s in a name. I'll write more later.

Friday, June 26, 2009


This was or theme for Young Women's camp. For us it was living our legacy. I think it turned out great. This is how the week played out: We meet Tuesday morning at the Beach Street Building with all the Stake Leaders (13) and the YCL'S (53)(youth camp leaders), and 2 amazing priesthood holders to be there for us. The men loaded all the girls stuff in a trailer, and we loaded up all the girls. I had 4 girls from the Park Glen 2ND ward, even though Rick's car can hold more I had to take the back seats out for all the stuff I was taking to camp. We got to camp and unloaded and had the girls take their stuff to their cabins. We had the YCL's make welcome signs to hang on the cabins for the girls that would be arriving the next day. We had lunch, some girls went swimming and hung out some rode horses. We watched the original Parent Trap, and made the yummy popcorn with Almond Bark. Then everyone went to their cabins and we went to sleep (haha). The next day we were prepared for all the girls and leaders to arrive. What a site that is to see so many young women coming to camp, and parents and leaders bringing them and all their stuff. After check in in they all got their shirts and we took a camp picture. Everyone got ready for the days activities. This year one of our activities was horses, each girl got to ride about 30 minutes. Since its Texas and it certainly gets hot here we had to change our classes and activities around to be in the morning. We had a 4 rotation classes to attend. Horses, ropes course/ranch activities, a spiritual class, pool. Our classes were "Roots and Branches" taught by Sister Tan, she is an amazing woman. She has 4 small children and when we have camp she leaves them with her husband as long as he can take the time off, or with friends of her ward. Sister Tan has this amazing testimony, she joined the church at 17 in Singapore, from the example of a girl that she didn't really know at first. My class was "What's in a name", Sister Johnson's class was on "I write my own story" Sister Furniss's class was on her own history. I will write more later.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Aaron has hand sugery

This morning Aaron had surgery on his hand. All went well. He had a cyst on his left wrist. Today when we came home Rachel and Haylee were waiting for us in the garage. Haylee was quite concerned for his Uncle. We were out in the back yard and John Wyatt came over to play, the first thing Haylee told him that Uncle Aaron had surgery, but he had a blessing last night. Its interesting how somethings leave important impression on a child. Brother Cook came over last night, thank you, and as they gave Aaron a blessing, she sat so very still on the couch all by herself. She didn't move or make any noise. I'm so thankful for the priesthood. What a peaceful assurance it brings to us.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We went to see up last night with Haylee. It was not her favorite. She did not like the dogs biting the leg of the bird. She asked alot of questions, when she got home she told Papa about it. It was quite cute. Rachel and I liked it, maybe most 3 yr olds wouldn't ask so many questions but she did. She got scared in it, held on to mommy and then sat on grandma laps. Papa and I will go it sometime and then he will understand all her questions.