Sunday, July 27, 2008


Ok I had not gotten into the Stephenie Meyer series of books until after girls camp. Everyone talked about it there and then we went to Idaho and Rick started to no feel well so we went to Gary and Barbara's hotel (our hotel was about 20 min away) and I got he first book. I had it at home but never set down to read it. Well needless to say on Monday I read the first book, Tuesday the 2ND and Wednesday the 3rd. SO Mary, you and I are getting the 4Th on Saturday Morning... it will be great fun.... My family thinks I'm crazy that I can read like that. Its all good.

Which Princess am I

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Which Disney Princess Are You?
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Girls Camp

This last week I had the privilege of going to our Stake Young Women's camp. It was really great. We have some pretty wonderful girls in our stake. Being in the stake young women's presidency gives you a different perception. I enjoyed working with some pretty amazing women. Victoria is our president, she is quite funny. Camping is not her thing, she has stressed all year since we have been called about camp. We had 2 great camp leaders, Marion, she was the director last year and this year, and Lori this was she first year, for any type of young women's camp. Her family was inactive until she was in college and it was Lori who brought her entire family back. Lori's dad is now a bishop, he was there on Friday night for the special program that we do and then the Bishops have a testimony meeting with the girls of their ward. Our Stake President, he is great, he is just so down to earth. He tells some pretty amazing stories of his life. He really relates well with our youth. He had 3 daughters there at camp. The young women in our ward are amazing. Their cabin that the farthest from everything. The would not really complain about the distance or the heat. Morgan, a girl that has down syndrome would tell her mom " Mom, I'm done walking" Debbie her mom would say "Morgan, I'm going to the cabin, if you want you can sit on the ground but I'm going to the cabin" Morgan would keep walking.
Here is a little of our schedule. Tuesday we meet our YCL's youth camp leaders, and drove them down to the camp to get set up for all the girls that would be coming on Wednesday morning. We got down there unloaded all our stuff, let me tell you we had stuff. All the stake camp leaders went down with us and the all the ycl's. We brought a sack lunch and had the girls put their stuff in one of the cabins so that they all slept in the same cabin instead of all over the camp. We had them make banners welcoming all the wards. The ycls for our ward were Megan, Mariah, Kisa and Rebecca, they were great. The made this amazing banner, they made all the letters animal prints designs. SUPER CUTE. I'd put a picture on the blog but I can't seem to get the picture off the camera. Bummer.. They also got to sleep in our cabin with all the leaders...there was not enough room in the cabin with the girls, they had fun with us. They taught us this crazy game. Its a question game you can only ask a question, of course not all questions make sense but its fun.. You get out by saying something that is not a question.
Wednesday the girls all got there about 8:30-9:00 am.. They had to get their camp shirts on and then meet us at the pavilion. The camp likes to take a picture of all of us. They did that and we had a short meeting with the camp owners. They went over the rules. The girls went back to change their shirts because we save them for Friday night when the bishops come. Its always looks great.
Victoria gave a talk on how do we know that the Lord loves us, our theme was He Looketh on the Heart. Its really turned out great. Marion and Lori would dress up sometimes. They were a hoot. I'll post more later we are getting ready to get on a flight to Salt Lake, so that we can be in Idaho for the blessing of our great niece Eden Meridith Kreger. We are excited to see her. It will be better in person than just in the super cute pictures we get to see. Can't wait to see ya'll. please forgive any mistakes, running on little sleep and a hurt leg..will explain later

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Working on not being so grouchy

Rachel so kindly let me know that I have not been so pleasant these last few weeks. I don't like making everyone miserable. SO I am working on being happier. I know they all hope it gets better. Me too. Tuesday was kinda the breaking point. It was not a good day. I hit Rick's car, went to 3 junk yards to find a rim the the Kia and then had to take the Kia in to the dealership because the clutch that we had replaced 2500 miles ago is not working. They have had it since Tuesday and they are still not done.. Its the pits. I don't understand whats taking sooo long. Friday went to meet the Physical Therapist for Terri and they never showed. My mom and I waited 2 1/2 hours. Its the pits when they say they are coming and they don't show.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Reading Time

Even tonight mommy asked if she could read to her... she said no papa.

Haylee and Papa

The last couple of nights Papa has been reading to Haylee. She only wants Papa to read to her. Even last night Brett asked her if she wanted him to read to her. She got her book and crawled up on Papa's lap. Haylee sits so sit with her sausies(softies) her blanket, as he reads 3 certian books to her. Its very sweet.

Young Womens Camp

Camp is fast approaching and I have to be prepared to teach a class on Friday. I have been struggling with this and with life in general. Its been really hard these last couple of weeks. Not sure why, but just a lot of things. Our theme for camp is He looketh on the Heart. Our goal is for the girls to understand their potential and not to sell their selves short. To be prepared for what life throws at you. Overcoming the temptations in your life, being sensitive to the spirit. That is just a little of what we are trying to accomplish. With my own inadequacies and trials I wonder what am I suppose to learn from this and what am I suppose to teach these girls. I guess that is why I am having such a hard time. I know that Heavenly Father is there but so often lately I feel so alone. I don't like feeling this way and its hard to know what has brought it on. But as I think about "Heavenly Ever After" -making the temple your goal. I know that each girl should make a decision RIGHT now. If they don't it will become easier to fall into Satan's traps... and man is he ever good. Its all the little choices that at the time don't seem quite so important but it can really make a big difference. Modesty, friends, dating, entertainment, word of wisdom, morality, its all those issues that as leaders and parents we try to teach but it doesn't seem to get every far. I know kids must look at me and think "Oh my gosh" she is sooo old how could she possibly understand what its like. But I do, the need to be accepted never goes away. Wanting to have friends, wanting to have a boyfriend and then later to find a mate, those things don't change. We have to learn to be comfortable in our own skin, with who we are and what we are doing. We have a couple of girls in our ward, the oldest one always had the goal of going to BYU. Well she is making choices that will keep her from attaining that goal. It saddens me. I wonder why...why is it so hard to see where your choices are taking you. She dates non members, why because it is easier and I know she would tell me there isn't anyone here to date. But there are... you have to look and put your self in the right places. I know it would be easier for everyone if the church were stronger and had more people in it here but its not that way. So you have to make it the best that you can. I know I'm rambling but I needed to write it down so that I can try to make sense of it.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Aaron

Today is Aaron's 26 birthday. I just want to say Happy Birthday. I love you.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th

We had our annual 4th of July breakfast. Our ward has been doing this for as long as I can remember. The High Priest cooked breakfast the Elders Quorum set up tables and chairs. This year we had it at Willow Creek Park. With having 3 wards in the building its a scheduling nightmare. We had a bounce house for the kids and of course the bike parade. Haylee is big enough to ride her tricycle in the parade. She thought it was cool. B&B and Bubba and Tessa went swimming. Bubba and Tessa came over and so did Patricia Bubb's mom. I had to go to work.. bummer but it really wasn't too bad. Normally on Fridays i get off at 1015 pm but because of the reduced flight schedule i got off at 6pm it was great. B&B and Rick and I watched the fireworks. We live outside of Fort Worth city limits so we can shoot off fireworks. SO we did an so did a bunch of others in the neighborhood. It was nice. The missionaries came over Elder Josey and Elder Pilling. They at dinner with us. We had steak and chicken and grilled corn on the cob... The dinner was great. I am grateful to live on this country. We are free to do many things. Thanks to fore ancestors and all those who sacrificed so much for us. We enjoy what they did so many years back.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Done with moving

Bret and Brittany moved out of their apartment on Monday. Its been a rough month with 2 weeks taken out because Brett was sick and in the hospital, then 5 days being in California that didn't leave them a lot of time. Thanks to Rachel, Rick, Haylee, the neighbors twins Audrey and John Wyatt Brett and Brittany we got them moved. Monday Brittany took off work and we loaded the truck and dropped things off at the storage. Rick and Brett got there to move the big stuff. Rachel got there with her truck so we made the last trip with 2 trucks. Brittany and I made 2 trips before the last one. plus Rick and Brett made the first one before that with their bed frame and the table and chairs.Its amazing how much stuff you can have in just 1 year. Now I know why we have lots of stuff with almost 30 years. Though I've been throwing out stuff. Just tired of all the stuff.
Brett missed 2 weeks of summer school but his teachers were great, he got caught up and is taking his last final today. He will take another summer semester and then head off to SVU in Virginia and finish his last semester..YEAH!!! I know Brittany will be glad. Not that he is going to SVU but that he will be done. So will we.