Thursday, September 20, 2007

Zoo Time

On Saturday Rachel suggested we go to the Zoo, since the weather was suppose to be cooler....Well, it wasn't cooler,but we had a great time. Rachel called Uncle A and Kimmie to go with us. Uncle A and Kimmie were going to meet at the University Park shopping center so would not have to pay for 2 parking spots. Well Miss Haylee decided that she wanted to first throw a lovely tantrum...She is becoming very good at it. So we called Uncle A and let him know that we were not coming... He and Kimmie were already there. After about 10 minutes of her tantrum, she calmed down and we decided to go to the Zoo. Called Uncle A and Kimmie again (they must think we are nuts) to tell them we were on our way, they had left but would meet us anyway. Miss Haylee's favorite animals are Monkeys and ribbits(frogs). Of course the first exhibits the monkeys (gorillas)but Miss Haylee calls them all monkeys. Uncle A is the best he would hold and carry Haylee even though it is very hot. Poor guy he was sweating...But he loves her, he is a great Uncle. She is so lucky. I know that he would do anything and everything for her. We enjoyed the Zoo, it is great to have spent the day together. Papa was at home making shelves for the pantry. What a great husband I have.


Rick is at a conference in Nashville. I came a few days late. But I made it. We are staying at the Gaylord Opryland, and it is the largest hotel I have ever been at. When I checked in they actually give you a map with directions on it. Computers are amazing, type in the room number and click there are the directions. Of course the map is huge and then they circle where you are so you can find the beginning. Quite amazing. The gardens here are beautiful, its all inside so walking around looking at flowers and trees and waterfalls is very beautiful. The Grand Ole Opry house is just around the corner. Things only happen there on Tue, Fri, and Sat. To bad we won't be here it would be fun.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Time to Try

As I read others blogs, I think......Can't do that not creative enough....not good at writing... the usual problems. But I decided that I should at least try.
There is always a first time for everything. So here goes my blog. I have been thinking about making curtains for my kitchen windows..So today I bought the rest of the fabric and made them.. They turned out good.. changes the colors scheme of the kitchen which is nice. NOW I'm trying to put up the fall decorations. Thats another story. Its much easier to do when others are awake so that they can help han you thngs. Getting up and down the step stool makes me realize I'm getting old. (Bummer)