Sunday, February 27, 2011

Busy Days

I can't believe it almost March. Life seems to be getting busier and busier. My mom says I never get any rest. Sometimes I agree, but for me its always better to be busy. At the beginning of February we had several days of Ice and Snow. It was crazy. Rick went to San Diego the day it started and came home on that Friday. I stayed at my Mom's and it was a good thing, the roads out here in our neighborhood were a mess. Fortunately I made it to work each day safely. In January our 3rd grandchild was born..Reagan Mckay Petty. He is so cute and cuddly. We are very blessed to have them here with us.

Such a sweet family.

Brittany watches Haylee everyday, and since Reagan has been born my mom comes over and helps out. My mom loves it.

Rick surprised my this past week and we flew to San Antonio to see the play Wicked. It was great and I loved it. Rick is not a real lover of musicals so for him to plan and surprise me made it even more special.

As our Young Women's Presidency in our Stake, we have been preparing for Girls Camp. We have a great Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director. They are doing an awesome job. Our theme this year is "Its a Jungle out There" We have 10 wards in our stake and we are naming each cabin a animal that goes along with the Youth theme which is the 13th Article of Faith. We are excited about young women's camp. The week after camp we will have youth conference. We are centering our theme around the temple. We have amazing youth in our stake. We of course like every other stake we have our challenges but we are trying to help them see how to follow the Savior and have a desire to return to Heavenly Father.

I have started doing some genealogy, I guess that it is becoming my season of life. I have a desire to find out about them and understand how our family dynamics play into who I have become. I know my grandparents (both of them) were strong people. I spoke to my great Aunt Janet. I have never meet her, she is my grandmothers younger sister. My grandmother died over 50 years ago. I wish I could have known her, I wonder how different our life would have been.

I had to teach Relief Society on sacrifice. How much are we really willing to sacrifice to return to live as families and with Heavenly Father? We do not live in the time when we are required to sacrifice our lives. What we in this generation have a hard time with is giving of our TIME.. we have become a instant gratification society. Everything is at the touch of a button, and so many people can not put their phones down. Whether it is email, texting facebook. They feel a need to constantly being connected. For 3 hours on Sunday's we should be able to devoted that time to the Lord. I see so many answering texts and emails. We need to be willing to devote time to the Lord, is that a sacrifice? What are we willing to sacrifice?