Monday, March 31, 2008

TAG... about me!

10 years ago

I was 37. We had 4 kids, Ages 17,15,13,11, and in 3 different schools with 3 different start times. Life was fun, we always had something to do. With either dance soccer or football , basketball. We were busy. Rick and I had been married for 20 years.

Things on my to do list today.

Pick up the twins at 2:00
Go to work
Find fabric for a quit
Make my bed

What I would do if I became a millionaire
Buy my mom a house
Pay our house off
set money aside for our grandchild(children)
Take a trip with our whole family
Have a great family reunion

Bad Habits
leaving at the last minute to go places
Not having a dinner menu
watching Lifetime(it drives Rick nuts)
not finishing projects

Jobs I have had
Snow cone stand
Dillards shoe dept
Salt Lake Temple
Driving a school bus
American Airlines

Places I have Lived
Council Bluffs, Ia
Fort Worth, Tx
Salt Lake city, Ut
Riverton, Ut
Provo, Ut

Things I like to do.
I like to shop. scrapbook, sew.
I love spending time with my family.
Watching movies, Riding Horses

I tag Joy is my goal, Playful Professional,Shana6pack,Toomany to count
Have fun

Monday, March 17, 2008

Meridith and Dani

What a great surprise. Caroline (Black)May found some old film and had it developed and on it was this picture. It was very thoughtful for her to have a copy made for me and she sent one to Dani. This was taken at girls camp at Camp Forrest. That year they had a good time. Meridith and Dani were great friends. They decided to get a mosquito net for their beds. They first pushed their beds together and they put this net over now 2 twin beds, the net was stretched to its fullest. They would pull up a corner up to crawl in. They had a fan blowing directly on them. Well the bugs would get caught flying into the fan and would be thrown through the fan into the mosquito net, one day they realized that they had bug guts on the mosquito net. They were rather grossed out. But the funniest story is that while they were up in the neatly made bed, reading or talking they saw a spider inside their lovely bed. Meridith crawled out of their bed so fast while screaming and laughing and Dani is now inside with the spider not wanting to go by the spider. All the girls in the cabin were laughing so hard. They made it a great and happy day that day at Good ole Camp Forrest. Where it is always so very hottt.!! Thanks Caroline for the memories. That is a great picture. Such a happy time in our lives. You captured her smile just perfectly.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lon and Steph

In January when we went to Idaho we stayed with them. Stephanie made this great birthday cake for Rachel. She is quite creative. Lon is the one that looks like Aaron, like they could be brothers. Brett and Lon have become great friends, Brett enjoys talking to Lon almost daily. Lon and Meridith became such great friends while they were at school together. Meridith was thrilled for Lon and Stephanie to get engaged. Lon and Stephanie asked me if I would mind if they named their little girl after Meridith. I felt that to be a honor. Meridith would be so thrilled. She loved Stephanie. She liked her from the start, she did not like all of the girls Lon dated, she would tell him "I don't like her, or she doesn't fit our family." Stephanie does. She is kind,loving,beautiful, helpful. I could go on and on. So they decided to name their daughter Eden Meridith Kreger. We are so excited for them. Now if we can get them to move to Texas. We are all hoping that they move here. It would be in Houston, but at least its closer. The problem with that is Lon's fam is in Fort Collins and Stephanie's is in Blackfoot. So for the grandparents it could make it difficult. We love you guys. The end is in sight. Keep going, graduation is just around the corner..

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Weather in Texas

When the weather happens in Texas. Its not always fun to work at the airport for a airline. On Sunday we had a few thunderstorms. If your not from Texas than you may not understand how it works. The weather can be just beautiful and out of no where comes this huge thunderstorm... lighting and all that comes with it. Don't get me wrong, they are quite amazing to watch if you don't have any where to go...BUT.....working for an airline it creates its own set of problems. Some of which we can control (passengers tempers) some of which we can not .. lighting strikes with in 5 miles of the airport. Then add weather somewhere else like Gunnison, Co you know the ski resorts that are having great seasons....because of all the snow BUT sometimes it makes it hard to land airplanes. On Sunday that happened a plane left for Gunnison and got close and could not land they were not allowing any planes to land due to the weather and so it turned around and came back to DFW...with all the unHappy people. Ok most of the people were fine but on occasion we get a really nasty one. It didn't even have to do with the weather. This lady had apparently hurt her foot or leg but she had crutches and when she got off the plane she had a wheelchair. He husband wanted a cart to take them to baggage claim. From where I was standing I could see the exit. I explained that the carts can't take him to baggage claim but if he need one I could call one but i showed him the exit. He then wanted a cart to take them to the exit (mind you its not far I can see the sign and can read it in my old age) and a cart to meet them on the other side. I explained that the carts are not on the other side of security. I told him that I could call a wheelchair aid. He said she is already in a wheelchair. I told him that I would call for a wheelchair aid to push her to baggage claim. He asked how long and I told him I don't know and we never do, it depends on how many other people have requested wheelchair aids. Their flight diverted back to DFW and then I had the flight to San Jose Costa Rica next. About 45 min after they came in, just enough time to clean and board the plane. She came up to me and asked me how long and I told her I didn't know but they should be here shortly. She then said or is it that YOU prefer to only help abled bodied people. It so took me by surprise. I told her that is not true. That I have a sister with only 1 leg and I try to help everyone. Then the wheelchair aid walked up and I told the aid that she needed to go to baggage claim to get her bags then to the van to the hotel. I was so taken back by her attitude. I think sometimes I have seen it all and then realize that I have not. I had a man who's flight was canceled and he was put on a late flight due to weather. he was very pleasant. I told him that I appreciated him for not being angry, He said that he had one time been rude an ugly to an agent and had regretted it ever since and he said he would never be like that again. Kudos to him...He was a very pleasant man. Sunday night shift went from being 5 hours to 7. I almost had to stay 10. But they let me go after just 2 hours extra. Then on Monday it snowed. I was lucky my shift ended at 10p but any one off after 10:15 had to stay 2 hours. It was quickly turning in to a bad night. Last night I met in 2 flight from Cancun Mexico. It is funny to watch them come off the plane in their super short shorts and tank tops and the blast of cold air hits them... They are like OHHHH its cold. it makes me laugh.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Sickness Strikes

Around the middle of Feb Rick got sick. He thinks is was something that he ate. I'm not so sure.. That was on a Thursday night. Rick was in Dallas and he brother Darrell was with him. The next day they drove back to Ft Worth so that Darrell could buy his new truck. On Sat Darrell stated not feeling well (you know the kind that you don't get to far from the bathroom). Then last week Rachel got sick. Now Rick rode back to Dallas on Fri with Rachel.(Rachel got a blessing)( It was different than Rick's) You know close quarters. I meet him in Dallas on Fri night and stayed in a hotel I slept in the other bed...Thanks but no thanks I didn't want to get sick. Then on Tue Brett got really sick. He came home from football practice and he would not have normally done that. Rick and our good friend Jonathon Killebrew gave him a blessing. We are very thankful for the priesthood in our family. Brett and Brittany then made a trip to the hospital. He could hardly move and then on his way there he got sick and threw up again. After a few hours in the hospital he was sent home after given some pain meds and then stomach flu meds that Brittany filled the next day. Well today poor Brittany got sick. Tonight she passed out. Freaked out Brett, they were here watching Haylee while Rachel went out with friends from work.. Rick was at church and I was at work. Poor Brett he was pretty scared They called the paramedics and then Rachel to come home and Rick to. Rick got home before the paramedics left. Tried to have Rachel go back with her friends but then everyone was home but me til I got off. When you are super tiny like Brittany not eating a day is not good. For someone like me...It wouldn't hurt. I certainly hope that I don't get this lovely bug... I had enough last year. Haylee has not gotten sick either. We pray that she doesn't. Rachel has been giving her vitamins faithfully. I hope everyone stays healthy.