Wednesday, September 12, 2007

First Time to Try

As I read others blogs, I think......Can't do that not creative enough....not good at writing... the usual problems. But I decided that I should at least try.
There is always a first time for everything. So here goes my blog. I have been thinking about making curtains for my kitchen windows..So today I bought the rest of the fabric and made them.. They turned out good.. changes the colors scheme of the kitchen which is nice. NOW I'm trying to put up the fall decorations. Thats another story. Its much easier to do when others are awake so that they can help han you thngs. Getting up and down the step stool makes me realize I'm getting old. (Bummer)


Rachel said...

YEAH!!! My mommy has a blog!!! I love the new decorations... sorry I feel asleep :( I wanted to help you!

txmommy said...

welcome to blog-land. You'll find it fun here!

Joyismygoal said...

cool I want to see the curtains