Wednesday, December 5, 2007


This year Thanksgiving was nice. A few glitches along the way.
My sister was back in the hospital again. She has had a rough year. She had her leg amputated in the summer and has not recovered from it. For those who know her is is rather large, not as large as she has been but is still large. She is not able to sit up on her own really because she has not in months. So back to thanksgiving. My mom has come for several years, but this year she did not. Partly due to the fact of sibling and nieces. But it turned out really nice, (dinner anyway) I worked that morning from 430a-930a so the family started dinner. Rick, Rachel, and Brittany cooked. When I came home I made the fruit salad and potato salad. Kim brought brownies which were great. After dinner the guys watched the football game and so did Kim. Rachel went to take a nap and after Brittany rested she came in and we did crafts, then in a bit Rachel and Kim came in as well.
Dinner was great, Brittany made the dressing for the first time ever. She did a great job.

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