Saturday, January 5, 2008

Reading the Book of Mormon

In August when the Harry Potter book came out, I was talking with Sherry and realized that the Harry Potter book had about 200 more pages in it than the Book of Mormon. We decided to make a goal to meet every Sunday night for 1 hour with the Young women and READ the Book of Mormon by the end of the year. What a goal!! We stared and it was amazing. The girls never complained they came and read. Now of course we had fun. We had a sleep over in December and read on Friday night after our ward Christmas social, not much reading that night I was really sleepy the girls stayed up and watched movies and had fun. The next morning they got up and we fixed breakfast and read for a couple of hours and then just talked. We met the Wednesday after Christmas during mutual time sine we did not have mutual. We read on the last Sunday of the month during Sunday school. I was afraid that we would run out of time, and then met at 6:30 instead of 7:00pm to read. We had a great time. The young women were amazing. They came and we all took turns reading a column. I am so very grateful to the young women, for their testimony and willing hearts. They give me strength, when I am struggling. The last night we read it was great. I found it interesting that Sierra who never missed a single Sunday was the last to read. Then we all knelt to pray for testimonies to be strengthen or to be found. I felt the spirit there I know that they did to. I know that by reading the Book of Mormon answers are found there, to problems, concerns and you will find comfort there. I know that the parents it was a struggle. We took up alot of time. Driving to and from and waiting for them. To the Parents of these amazing Young Women. THANK YOU. For without your love and support we could not have accomplished this amazing blessing.


Playful Professional said...

That's my goal for this semester. Read every night before bed and try to get through it by the end of this semester. I hope it goes as well as your girls did.

txmommy said...

Thank you for doing that. It was a huge undertaking and I know the girls were touched, their testimonies streghtened and they will NEVER forget reading, and being in your home and the spirit they felt.
You are so awesome. Love you.

The Brandts said...

That was such an awesome idea! And I said you should read the Bible next, so I took the challenge myself! Im giving myself 6 months, so I'll be done by July!
p.s. Im graduating on Jan 30th! Im so excited!

Joyismygoal said...

that was the best idea i am reading the Bible too