Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What a good friend

There are people who come into your life that leave such a imprint. Several years ago I had that experience. One summer Meridith went out to California with Dani, what a great time they had. I look back at pictures of them and see the fun they had. During that time Meridith stayed at Dani's grandma and papa's house with them. What a house full they had and didn't mind having one more. Meridith was already good friends with Dani and her family and now she had more friends. Lana's sisters and their children. Meridith talked about it for along time after she came back. They went to the Los Angles temple and did baptism. Lana's dad (papa) did the baptisms what an experience for all that went. Meridith went out another time to spend time with Andrea(she had tons of fun) remember the man jogging on the beach in his speedo. Meridith has that scrapbooked. What makes me realize how fortunate I am is because Natalie, Lana's mom became a good friend to me. She came into my life at a time that I needed someone. She is someone that has loved my family. I think back to when they moved here from California. What a change for them. What a blessing for us. They lived just down the street. John became our home teacher. When Rachel had Haylee and we were in Argentina picking up Brett, who did Rachel call when Haylee was crying and so was Rachel, Natalie, and she came right away. Didn't even hesitate. Natalie was able to calm Rachel and Haylee. What a blessing. When Meridith died, John came to the house right away, before we left for Mexico. When we came back Natalie came here many days, did laundry and what ever else that need to be done here. She cooked and served at the funeral, as did many people. Now Natalie is leaving to served a mission with her husband. I know that she will touch many lives. She has certainly touched mine. Her faith and testimony has carried me, and I am a better person because I have had the privilege to call her FRIEND.


Britt and Brett said...

I don't have all the memories you have, but I can say that I agree on how great of a person she is!

** Dre and Yoho ** said...

your soo cute! I miss you guys soo much! I miss meri soo much!! i loved when she came to play in cali with me!!

Rachael said...

How lucky you are (and her also) to have such a wonderful friend. I agree with you, I think certain people come into our lives for a reason.

Grandma A said...

Thanks for your wonderful words. I love you and am so blessed to have you for a friend. I thank Heavenly Father for our friendship.
We have shared a lot together and I know that we will be friends forever.
Miss you lots.