Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So busy

Life has been so busy lately. I took a new job at work and have been working tons. Its been fun and interesting all at the same time, but I sure hope it calms down some. We have this huge training issue that is government mandated so we have to make sure everyone gets trained and on time. Man some people just drag their feet, I can't believe that some just don't want to do their jobs. So frustrating.
Life at the singles ward is good, they are some really great kids. We go to the temple twice a month with them. Once for endowments the other for baptisms, it really great to go with them, to see their dedication, and feel of their testimonies. We had a fun Halloween party with them here Saturday night. Haylee really enjoyed them, she was a little shy but then she came around. Uncle Aaron and Aunt Kimmie were here to, she really loves them.
We went to Colorado for a super short visit, but it was good to see Brett and Brittany and Calan. Calan is getting so big and we so miss them. Flight benefits are great, we flew out Friday night and flew back Saturday night had to leave Saturday about 3 hours earlier because they delayed the later flight and we weren't sure if they might cancel the flight.


I have a good life said...

You are busy. Wow! I bet you are great at your job. I am sure that you two are so perfect in the singles ward. What a great experience to be with them in the temple. :) Thanks so much for the update. I always wonder how you are doing.

Natalie said...

Hi. You busy little bee! The young adults are so lucky to have you. It's fun that we are both working with young adults. We really enjoy spending time with them.
I miss you lots. It was so great to have you just up the street. That was a special time.
Love you lots and sending hugs.