Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Happy Birthday Miss Meridith!! We miss you

September 3, 1986 at 2:59am Rick and I were blessed to have a baby girl born into our families.  Rachel was thrilled to have a baby sister after 2 little brothers; Brett and Aaron were excited as well.  As with each of our children she was quite unique.  She was a quiet and shy little girl, but very determined.  There are lots of memories that I have of Meridith.
When she was 3 and we did Joy School and it was Christmas time they were doing the Nativity play and Marcia Vigil had just had Zachary a few months before, Meridith wanted to hold him as Jesus.  She did not want to do it unless she could hold Zachary.  We tried everything we could to convince her otherwise.  I’m not quite sure but I imagine Marcia let her hold him. 
When Meridith and Brett were little they were playing (they were probably 2&4) I was in the shower and all of a sudden I heard Brett crying I hopped out of the shower and he came to me and he was bleeding,  they had been playing and Meridith hid and then popped up and hit in the forehead with a hard plastic square and then off to the ER we went and Brett got 3 stitches. 
Aaron and Meridith shared a love of music. 
Rachel and Meridith shared a love and bond that sister can share.
Brett and Meridith shared a connection that started before they were either born.  It is because they understood the bigger picture.  At least for Meridith she understands it now more than any of us.  I know that Heavenly Father knows more than we do, but it’s tough sometimes to not have her here. 
Brett told Rachel one day that she was lucky that she has pictures of Meridith holding Haylee, something that he wishes he could have.   
Rick and Rachel shared this video with me:

Its the one with the girl on the cell phone.

One of the things I miss is hearing her voice.  She would call me all the time, walking from one class to another, driving in the car.  She would share her life with me.  I loved that.  I also miss her testimony, her voice. Last night Brett and Brittany were reading scriptures to the boys and Brett grabbed Meridith’s  scriptures, in there is a list of what she was looking in for a mate.  Brett asked me if I had seen it.  I had. She knew what she wanted and knew the direction she wanted her life to go.  She knew who she was.  Don’t get wrong she was a typical young adult….trying to survive in this world…she was a kind person ….but on occasion she could be obnoxious.  
Meridith is on the other side pulling for us. She knows we can be a forever family, we all have to do our part to get there.
Happy Birthday sweetpea.  I miss you.


Natalie A said...

Dear Robin and Rick,

Another year has passed for sweet Meridith's birthday. She has bound our two families with sacred ties.

Meridith has blessed our lives and the lives of so many others in many, many different ways and she continues to watch over family and friends until we are all reunited.

Our deepest expression of love and thankfulness to both of you.

Love and hugs, Natalie and John

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