Thursday, April 17, 2008

April is speeding by

This month has seem to whiz by. It has been very busy for me. Last weekend we had youth conference for our stake. I'm in the young women's stake presidency so I was blessed to help plan and carry out youth conference. It was on the game of life. Sister Poole from our LDS employment services made a life size game of life. Played in 2 1/2 hours. It was interesting to see the experiences that they had for the youth. Cards that they drew game them life choices. And as in real life the consequences that follow, not always what we hope for. It was great. It started on Fri night 5p-1030p with games of all sorts and a service project for the missionaries that are serving from our stake. We had a huge bounce (race) house. Where 2 people could race one another. We only had one get hurt...not bad and it was a girl and she sprain her ankle. She asked first for her Bishop to give her a blessing and then for her parents . They came and took her to the hospital. She was back the next day for all the activities. We had food galore...we feed them breakfast lunch and dinner and then snacks at the dance that night. On Sunday we had a testimony meeting. It was a good weekend. Rachel and Rick helped on Saturday as did about 60 other people from our stake (just to help play the game)What great people we have in our stake to give up a Saturday all day from 7a-430p.....Brett and Brittany were kind enough to watch Haylee(Haylee of course had a blast with them).. We are very blessed to have our family around us. Now for us in the Young Women's Presidency its on to Girls Camp in the summer. We have been having meetings but now we will focus on it more intently.
On Wednesday morning we meet Lana and Grace and Natalie for a rain ride... We were late catching the train on the first loop but got on it on the return. Haylee Loved it... She had so much fun with Grace. It was wonderful to just sit and talk with Lana and Natalie and Rachel and watch Haylee and Grace. What a great day.
Rick is out of town, we miss him. Haylee wanted to know this morning where Papa was, SO we called him she told him all about her train Ride and that she would go to school today. Our life is busy but kinda boring to others.. I hope that everyone has a great day. Love to all. For all the Petty clan get ready for our Family reunion in Aug. Can't wait to see everyone, we will have 2 new babies. How exciting.


marcia said...

oh wow you did go how fun for you all

Lon & Steph said...

Your life is so far from boring--I always love to hear about the fun things you are up to! And I must say, you have the greatest ideas for Young Womens!! I hope things are going great, we really miss you! Love you!

Playful Professional said...

I wish, wish, wish that they would let us help out with youth conference. They were looking for volunteers to be counselors, but you had to be an EFY counselor before to volunteer. I would love to be able to do things with the youth.

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