Saturday, July 19, 2008

Girls Camp

This last week I had the privilege of going to our Stake Young Women's camp. It was really great. We have some pretty wonderful girls in our stake. Being in the stake young women's presidency gives you a different perception. I enjoyed working with some pretty amazing women. Victoria is our president, she is quite funny. Camping is not her thing, she has stressed all year since we have been called about camp. We had 2 great camp leaders, Marion, she was the director last year and this year, and Lori this was she first year, for any type of young women's camp. Her family was inactive until she was in college and it was Lori who brought her entire family back. Lori's dad is now a bishop, he was there on Friday night for the special program that we do and then the Bishops have a testimony meeting with the girls of their ward. Our Stake President, he is great, he is just so down to earth. He tells some pretty amazing stories of his life. He really relates well with our youth. He had 3 daughters there at camp. The young women in our ward are amazing. Their cabin that the farthest from everything. The would not really complain about the distance or the heat. Morgan, a girl that has down syndrome would tell her mom " Mom, I'm done walking" Debbie her mom would say "Morgan, I'm going to the cabin, if you want you can sit on the ground but I'm going to the cabin" Morgan would keep walking.
Here is a little of our schedule. Tuesday we meet our YCL's youth camp leaders, and drove them down to the camp to get set up for all the girls that would be coming on Wednesday morning. We got down there unloaded all our stuff, let me tell you we had stuff. All the stake camp leaders went down with us and the all the ycl's. We brought a sack lunch and had the girls put their stuff in one of the cabins so that they all slept in the same cabin instead of all over the camp. We had them make banners welcoming all the wards. The ycls for our ward were Megan, Mariah, Kisa and Rebecca, they were great. The made this amazing banner, they made all the letters animal prints designs. SUPER CUTE. I'd put a picture on the blog but I can't seem to get the picture off the camera. Bummer.. They also got to sleep in our cabin with all the leaders...there was not enough room in the cabin with the girls, they had fun with us. They taught us this crazy game. Its a question game you can only ask a question, of course not all questions make sense but its fun.. You get out by saying something that is not a question.
Wednesday the girls all got there about 8:30-9:00 am.. They had to get their camp shirts on and then meet us at the pavilion. The camp likes to take a picture of all of us. They did that and we had a short meeting with the camp owners. They went over the rules. The girls went back to change their shirts because we save them for Friday night when the bishops come. Its always looks great.
Victoria gave a talk on how do we know that the Lord loves us, our theme was He Looketh on the Heart. Its really turned out great. Marion and Lori would dress up sometimes. They were a hoot. I'll post more later we are getting ready to get on a flight to Salt Lake, so that we can be in Idaho for the blessing of our great niece Eden Meridith Kreger. We are excited to see her. It will be better in person than just in the super cute pictures we get to see. Can't wait to see ya'll. please forgive any mistakes, running on little sleep and a hurt leg..will explain later

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marcia said...

there was such a great spirit there i heard you did AWESOME--have a nice trip