Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Young Womens Camp

Camp is fast approaching and I have to be prepared to teach a class on Friday. I have been struggling with this and with life in general. Its been really hard these last couple of weeks. Not sure why, but just a lot of things. Our theme for camp is He looketh on the Heart. Our goal is for the girls to understand their potential and not to sell their selves short. To be prepared for what life throws at you. Overcoming the temptations in your life, being sensitive to the spirit. That is just a little of what we are trying to accomplish. With my own inadequacies and trials I wonder what am I suppose to learn from this and what am I suppose to teach these girls. I guess that is why I am having such a hard time. I know that Heavenly Father is there but so often lately I feel so alone. I don't like feeling this way and its hard to know what has brought it on. But as I think about "Heavenly Ever After" -making the temple your goal. I know that each girl should make a decision RIGHT now. If they don't it will become easier to fall into Satan's traps... and man is he ever good. Its all the little choices that at the time don't seem quite so important but it can really make a big difference. Modesty, friends, dating, entertainment, word of wisdom, morality, its all those issues that as leaders and parents we try to teach but it doesn't seem to get every far. I know kids must look at me and think "Oh my gosh" she is sooo old how could she possibly understand what its like. But I do, the need to be accepted never goes away. Wanting to have friends, wanting to have a boyfriend and then later to find a mate, those things don't change. We have to learn to be comfortable in our own skin, with who we are and what we are doing. We have a couple of girls in our ward, the oldest one always had the goal of going to BYU. Well she is making choices that will keep her from attaining that goal. It saddens me. I wonder why...why is it so hard to see where your choices are taking you. She dates non members, why because it is easier and I know she would tell me there isn't anyone here to date. But there are... you have to look and put your self in the right places. I know it would be easier for everyone if the church were stronger and had more people in it here but its not that way. So you have to make it the best that you can. I know I'm rambling but I needed to write it down so that I can try to make sense of it.


marcia said...

Oh I am sorry --It is easy to feel alone and sad because all things are not as we would have chosen but the more we rely and obey the more we can be blessed I am having a good day but I so know what you are talking about dear (((HUGS))

Playful Professional said...

I've only been out of young womens for what like 5 years now, but it amazes me how much I've learned in such a short time. My parents had me give a FHE lesson for my brothers and sisters while I was out visiting them about what I wish I'd have known in high school. Basically it included things like actually working hard to get good grades (because it matters), not caring about what other people think, and figuring out that each of us is beautiful and special in our own way. I just wish I could knock that into my brother and sister's heads that are so worried about being popular that they forget all about the important things. It's just so hard for them to learn.