Friday, September 12, 2008

One Choice

Today as I was sitting in the hospital with my mom, because my sister is back in the hospital again. I began to think about One Choice. What can just one choice do for you, does it really matter. I thought about when Terri and I first moved to Texas, and one choice that I made was to call the church when Julie and I were watching TV and a commercial came on about the church. Just one choice. Terri, Julie and I all joined the church. What a huge impact on my life, all because of that 1 choice. Terri married Bobby who joined the church, but wasn't really converted. I sometimes wonder if she married Bobby because she thought she might not get married. 1 choice, latter they were sealed in the Switzerland temple but were never active, only active while in Germany, and after Cindy was born and had some medical issues and they got a blessings from the Elders. 1 choice. Julie married a member but he would never get his act together to take her to the temple. Julie thinks about that alot, because when her daughter Elizabeth died from a heart defect she knows she will not have her in the eternities to come. I have thought today about my life and the choices I have made, about how I can trace my blessings back to 1 important choice and then another choice in my life. How different it could have been, had I not joined the church, or remained active, or married in the temple or after Brett was born if I decided not to have any more children even though I knew we had 1 more. It all comes down to a choice. Our choices make us the type of people we are, it shapes us, but I know that at 18 I really didn't understand how important that 1 choice would be. I certainly understand it now. Many times we think that this or that doesn't really matter but it does. That 1 choice makes all the difference. Now and forever. Its late so I hope this makes sense.


Marbear said...

That makes perfect sense. I admire your never wavering faith so much! I really need to call you soon! There's been a lot of drama in my life recently, a lot of big issues with Lauren. I'm kind of having a tough time with it all. I need to call you and talk to you, you always have so much wisdom to share. I'm scared about how to continue from here and go off to college by myself. But when I get scared my mom reminds me that Meridith did it and how much stronger she was because of it. I try to be like that. I want to be as strong and kind as her. I try to honor her memory. I love you! I'll call you sometime soon

marcia@joyismygoal said...

I am so glad you made that call and now i have been able to call you my friend for 20 years.!!

John and Rachael said...

Your post made perfect sense, it was beautiful. Thanks for giving me my inspiration for the day.

Grandma A said...

You made an awesome, life-altering choice and how glad we are that you did. Now you have and will have everything important
I love you my friend.

I have a good life said...

What an inspiring post! It was exactly what I needed to hear today. I have a lot of "one choices" in my life now and it is crazy how the rest of my life hinges on those choices of today. Thanks for the reminder.

BTW: I LOVE your cute!