Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Life isn't perfect its messy

Tonight I went to the movies and saw Bride Wars. It was funny. But when that statement was made, it made me think about our lives and no matter how we want something to be Life isn't perfect and sometimes its messy. Or should I say we make a mess of it. My goal is to try not to make such a mess to the ones that I love. Sometimes I say to do things that are not always the nicest. But hopefully they still forgive and sometimes forget.

Today I have been training at work to see if I would like to do what we call ramp transfer. That is when a plane is running late and passengers will miss their connection, especially international flights. We go get them and take them down the stairs and get them into a van an take them via the tarmac to the next gate and then up the elevator to their flight. Not to bad. It was interesting today. Most everyone was happy and grateful, but one lady only worried about her bag. There was another flight about 2 hours later but it was full. Her bags if they didn't make it would be on that flight and we would deliver them.. But the entire ride...she griped.... the other 2 people going on her flight to Honolulu we just happy to be there and not miss their flight. Again Life isn't perfect its messy.
Have a great night.


Natalie said...

Hey, sounds like you're busy all the time. You sure do have cute grandchildren.
Do you think you'll take the "new job"? Unfortunately when you work with people, there is always someone who is going to complain.
Love you.

Kirchner Family said...

I love your comment about "bride wars" I am dying to see it! I have learned that its easy to make a mess out of life - saying sorry is one thing - we have to try to never let those mistakes happen again - I am working on this in my life - and its not easy - but its worth it. Love ya!

rachael said...

I agree with your title 100%. Life is messy, that's how we learn and grow and find out what we are made of. It is interesting to watch how different people react to the same situations. One of my favorite quotes is "Life doen't have to be perfect to be worthwhile."

Carie Ann Wall said...

Hey Sis. Petty, I found you on Michelle's blog...I will have to list you on mine. So glad you have one so I can keep up! I didn't even know that Brett was a daddy! Yeah, I love boys!