Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Dinner group was really fun. We went to Cierra and Randy's it was really fun. I took Rachel along with me because Rick's brother Gary came in and they don't get to see one another very often. In fact he had to leave before church started and Rick left before Gary got up. But Rachel and I had a great time. It was fun to play games and talk with the Holly and Kimball and Kathy and Steve. We had a yummy dinner and played a very fun game. The guys won, which included Rachel. It was a very fun night. Thank Cieraa for hosting the great dinner.


Holly said...

I think we need a re match! By the way I had "I will survive" stuck in my head the whole night!

Marbear said...

Sounds fun! I can't wait to see you! 2 more days!!! Love you!

txmommy said...

wonderful :)

hey, I heard you guys are up for a killer bunny night?!

Kathy said...

Yes it was sooo fun. And by the way they totally cheated!