Thursday, April 30, 2009

Youth Conference

This last weekend we had our Stake Youth Conference. It was quite amazing. We participated in the Special Olympics. We had over 230 kids that volunteered and they were great. The 14-15 yrs cheered at the soccer fields until after 1200 when they gave out their awards. While I was over there, we encouraged the kids to find out what the players names were so that they could cheer them on personally. They did and I think what they found out is that they are just like them, they have the same desires and dreams but with a few limitations. It was great to see them come out of their comfort zones and give truly of their selves. The special Olympics volunteers kept saying how much they really appreciated us there. They also said that they are having another one that is bigger in may and would love for us to come back. I think there might be some wards that might be going back. As a stake young women's presidency we really wanted for the kids to have a great experience. We wanted them to truly serve someone as the Saviour loved and served us. When we had our testimony meeting the kids again did a great job. President Hadley talked alittle about what a testimony is and why we bear a testimony and it was very uplifting. We didn't have a thankamony the kids bore a great witness of the love of the Saviour and how this effected them and how they realize how much they are loved. I am very grateful to be able to serve in this calling, we have a really great presidency and I have learned alot from the women that I serve with. Now we are finishing up on young women's camp.. that's in about 6 weeks. From one activity to another. We are blessed to serve.


marcia@joyismygoal said...

Job well done!! The kids all are talking about how much they enjoyed it. I know the purpose desired was fulfilled! --the small part I got to see was Awesome.

Cee Cee said...

What a great idea for youth conference! Sounds like it made an impact! The girls are so lucky to have you! Miss you:)