Friday, April 10, 2009

I appreciate Rick

On Saturday Morning Rachel and I got up and went to go the annual Saginaw Easter Egg Hunt. We went out and got in Rachel's car and the Battery was dead....Haylee ran inside and got her Papa he can fix everythig and he came out and jump started the truck. I guess we left the light on from the night before. Aaron and Kim came over and Rick asked Aaron to go with him to the Preisthood session of conference. I was hoping he would. They could of had a nice dinner together and enjoyed conference together. But Aaron did not answer Rick when he asked him nor did he call him later. I was bummed for Rick, he would have really enjoyed that. Brett was in Colorado so he couldn't go with him. I appreciate Rick, all that he does for his family. I'm not sure that the kids realize how he has worked to allow them the opportunties they have been given. Thanks Rick, I love you.


Todd & Kat Martin said...

You guys are amazing parents. Just in case you don't think they appreciate you... that it from another occasionally oblivious kid, they love you. And even if not right away will someday see how much you have done for them.

Natalie said...

Well, I know for a fact that you are not only great parents, you are awesome parents. Anyone would be lucky to call you Mom and Dad.
I miss you and love you.
P.S. Please email me with that address info. Thanks

Brett said...

I know how much yall have done!! I miss you both!