Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We went to see up last night with Haylee. It was not her favorite. She did not like the dogs biting the leg of the bird. She asked alot of questions, when she got home she told Papa about it. It was quite cute. Rachel and I liked it, maybe most 3 yr olds wouldn't ask so many questions but she did. She got scared in it, held on to mommy and then sat on grandma laps. Papa and I will go it sometime and then he will understand all her questions.


Britt and Brett said...

soo cute.. we thought it was pretty cute, too. we miss you guys so much!

Cee Cee said...

I could see how this movie would be boring to a kiddo, but Bill and I absolutely LOVED it. The visual humor and cute story of a lifetime lived together was soooo cute. Hopefully Haylee will like it when she gets older:)Wish we could go to movies together. At least we got to see it with Britt and Brett;)Love ya!

Merf said...

i took my 15 year old...we loved it....but i wasnt sure about little children...the dogs were a little scary....loved the scenery and the story....and having an old man as the hero!