Sunday, June 28, 2009

LOL :) part 2

On Wednesday I was able to go to Sister Tan's class, she did a great job. Then I spent the next 2-3 hours at the horses. When they said they were going to ride in the covered pavilion, I was disappointed, I thought of it as a ride around the ranch, but after seeing that sooo many girls have never ever been around horses and did not even know how to get on them, I thought OK good idea. The ranch activities were fishing and doing a large obstacle course bounce house. The girls could race one another, I heard it was great. We had sandwiches for lunch, scripture and journal time and then we heard from Sister Furniss, she did a great job. She talked about her growing up and what it was like she brought her old letter jacket and pictures of her families farm and talked about things in her life that gave her, her foundation. She brought her old Merry Miss banner, things that she has done as a member of the church. For dinner that night we had lasagna, it took much longer than they had thought, so dinner was running late. We went into the kitchen to help and starting cooking it in the least we got it started before the rest got done.
Thursday we had the same classes, with the exception of it was my turn to teach. I taught on What"s in a name. I'll write more later.

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