Sunday, August 9, 2009

Make A Wish

This morning at work I had a flight to Orlando Florida. On this particular flight, Natalie my supervisor came and told me that I had a 4 yr old boy who was traveling with Make A Wish. For those of you who may not know- Make a Wish is for terminally ill children and their families. This little boy turned 4 on Aug 1st, he has twin brothers that looked to be about 5-6 years old. I had the privilege of trying to make it a special flight for them. We had the fire department at the airport there and this is a list of things that transpired for this little boy. He and his family came in from Coppel Tx on a fire engine. How exciting is that. We sang Happy Birthday to him. They had a cake for him compliments from Sam's the mayor of Coppel was at the airport to see him off and so were several friends with their children. Before we began boarding everyone we had his family to go down so that he and his brothers to see the cockpit and meet the captain. I had the brothers Zachary and Josh make an announcement to all the people and tell then to have fun at Disney World. It has made me a little more melancholy, Rick and I have talked about which way would be easier to lose a child. Knowing that they are going to die and seeing them suffer like this little boy Caden is, or by an accident in which it happens quickly. I would have liked to have been able to Meridith one time time that I love her and tell her bye. But on the other hand this mother is having a very difficult time with knowing that her son is dying and there is nothing that she can do to stop it. I feel for her, I know the road that lies ahead and its a tough one. There is no book to help you deal there is only Heavenly Father and knowing that the plan of salvation is real. For me, that keeps me going. I want to see her again and hold her. This time of the year is hard for me, her birthday will be here soon and I miss her. This birthday will be a good one, we are taking her name through the temple, what a blessing. Last year when Rick and I decided to do this, Brett said that we needed to wait a year to let those who might want to be there to have that chance. So we have, I had hoped that Rachel and Aaron would have wanted to be there. It was 11 years ago when Meridith first came into young women's, and we did baptisms, that was the only time all 4 kids were in the temple together. I am grateful for temples and the ordinances that binds families together.


txmommy said...

Either way would be horrible. One more good-bye would never be enough, one more fun trip, one more Christmas...on the other hand no more all of a sudden ...too awful for words.

I am glad you get to do Meridith's work soon. I wish we were going to be there with you. I will be in Utah meeting little Tatum, but we will be thinking of you and Meridith that day.

Love you.

I have a good life said...

What a special event you were part of! The only thing I can imagine more horrible than what I have been going through is losing a child...any child in any way. That has to be 10 times worse. I admire your family for your strength and I know it helped Rick relate to me as Bishop, for some things are the same, no matter what the loss is.

How wonderful to be able to go do Meridith's work! She will be so excited for her day to come! What a great event and opportunity for your family. It is sad, though, that you all can't spend this one more day in the temple together.

Miss you guys.

Natalie said...

Oh my dear Robin! How I miss you and how I miss dear, sweet Meridith.
I think any way to lose a child would be awful! Too hard. I really admire you and Rick and how you have held up. You are an inspiration to everyone who knows you.
It is just awesome that you can go and do Meridith's work at the temple. You gave her earthy life and now you will give her the way to eternal life. You will be working hand in hand with our Savior in her behalf. So wonderful. I wish I could be with you, but you know I will be thinking of you 3 all that day.
Love you lots.

Rachel said...
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marcia@joyismygoal said...

how neat that you could be part of that but sorry it stirs more emotions -- I am excited for you all to go do her work what a special special day for her and I am sure she has been waiting Patiently:) and wishes the whole family could be there too. She knows how much you all love her.