Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Sister Tan reminded me that we needed to have our virtue value done by the September Auxiliary training meeting. I had done the goals just not the project. The project for virtue is reading the Book of Mormon. I decided that since our training meeting is September 10 I would make the goal to finish reading by the 3rd when we go to the temple. It has been really good for me. The last time I read form cover to cover is with the young women. That was an awesome experience for me. I hope that the girls will always remember it. The parents of those girls were very supportive, they would bring the girls, leave them and come back in an hour. I know that for some it was not always easy, but what a testimony builder to me. They were very faithful. I am grateful for the Book of Mormon. I have really enjoyed reading. There are some faith building stories in there for me, and I realize how many in the Book of Mormon would not keep holding on to the iron rod. They just would not stay faithful. I see how in this life there are so many that will stay faithful only when it is easy, or if its fun. I had a Young Women's President tell me about a family who has been members all their life and since their daughters want to do other things they have to justify not coming to church. They have chosen to attend another church. I realize that enduring to the end is going to get harder and harder. I think about young women who want to be married but will not put themselves in the right place often so that they might be able to find the right person. I remember and young women who had a child out of wedlock and one night kissed him goodbye and told him"I'm going to find you a daddy" She did she meet and married this wonderful man, who loves her and her son. She put herself in the right place to find the right kind of young man. Listening to some young women at camp concerns me in what they are thinking now. Satan is real and he will seek to tempt and destroy us. He want us to be miserable like him, what better way then to help us let go of the iron rod. He is pretty good at what he does. Its not all bad or I can repent later. That may not always be the case. A little bit of dog poop is still dog poop. It would ruin a batch of cookies in a minute. As Satan will work on all of us, we need to be helpful and supportive to one another.

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I have a good life said...

Satan is very real. He lies to all of us so much. I hope that all can hold true to that iron does not lead one astray. What a great post! :) I love getting to stay in touch through our blogs. :)