Friday, December 11, 2009


This is the Atomuim it was vey neat you actually went into the balls of several of them. We took an elevator to the top and then back down, then you took escalators and stairs the rest of the way. The pictures are actually backwards but I figured I should at least get them on my blog so I don't forget.
In the miltary museum they has tanks and airpalnes, we also saw a automobile museum it was very intresting. What a fun day.

This pictures is the view from on top of the next picture. It has an amazing view of Brussels

This reminds me of France.

This is a real mmmy, you can actually see their bones an toenails, teeth and all..
I find it intresting that it has two crypts, shaped like this. Rick said its like ours caskets, we put them in one and then put the casket in a concrete vault.

Today we toured a couple of museums and then we went to the Atomium (something like that) it was quite unique. Lots of fun, we met another missionary couple today the Phairs they are from Utah, we ate at this yummy place, it was like a wrap we call it a tortilla they called it a crepe. Which ever it was yummy. Here are some pictures of today. We did have some yummy belgium chocolates. But no belgium waffles, but there is always tomorrow.
AS you can tell I got the pictures and words mixed up, but oh well. What great day we had today. Lots of walking but its the friends that make it the best.


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What a great trip. I love the tree and I love that you got to see John and Natalie. What a great time! :)