Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Merina's wedding

Meridith's best friend Merina got married on the 29 May. She was a beautful bride. Merina had several bridesmaid's but the maid of honor spot was held for Meridith. What a special honor she did for Meridith. About a week or two before the wedding we found out she had a knot webpage and on her knot it said taht Meridith was her Maid of Honor. I know they were best friends and would still be. When we walked into the place where they were having the reception there was this beautiful table set up in Meridith's honor. It said Maid of Honor and had their picture they had taken at Picture People just before they graduated. The most wonderful saying about her. It took all of us by surprise. I think sometimes we forget that others have felt such a loss with out Meridith, and Merina would be one of those people. I was not here when Rachel and Aaron told Merina but I know that had to be a very difficult person to tell. Merina's wedding was all about Princess's and she certainly looked like a princess. Meridith meet TJ before she died and she liked him, he is such a nice young man. I am so very happy for Merina and TJ and Kenzie their little girl. Congrats and I love you guys.


Natalie said...

What a beautiful tribute to beautiful Meridith. Yes, soooooo many miss her soooooo much.

I have a good life said...

What a great tribute to Meridith. Friends like that are difficult to find. The wedding sounds beautiful also. Sheila asked about you. We all miss you...even though I am the lucky one that gets to live close, I rarely see you. Love ya.