Sunday, July 18, 2010

Young Women Camp

This year at camp our theme was There's no place like home. What we wanted each girl to know is that they each have the power to return home. They each have the Holy Ghost to help them on their journey. Marie taught them on the power within. I taught on following the path, Bev taught about being the Queen. We used many different themes from the Wizard of Oz. Hoping the young women could see how by their choices can make a difference of how rocky the path may be. I think of these girls and can see from my own experience and others that I love what a difference those choices will make. Satan is real and running rampant, trying so desperately to pull down as many as he can. I see how quickly things can get out control. We have some amazing kids in our stake, I look around and realize that there is not one person that does not have struggles of their own. We often are on the outside looking in and think they have it so easy, but in reality they have their own Goliaths to battle. Each one of us battle our own, some days we feel like we are winning some days we feel like we are losing and its so hard on those losing days to keep going, but that is exactly what Satan is counting on.

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