Monday, June 16, 2008

I feel her near

This last week with Brett being so sick, it was scary. Gratefully the Dr said that he would heal with time and should with no lasting effects. Over this last week as I watched him be so sick we were all so very worried. I am so very grateful to all who fasted and prayed for him. I really felt the prayers, and I know he must have too. I know that Brittany as worried as she was held it together quite well. Aaron came to the hospital one day and we were glad to see him. I miss having all the kids together.
One day as I was going to work, in my quiet time I realized that I had been thinking about Meridith quite a bit. Then Rachel told me about one of Meridith's friends that had been having dreams about her and wondered what they might mean to her. I was amazed by Rachel, her strength and her understanding of the gospel and how close Meridith really is, as she explained to Meridith's friend about the gospel and what we believe. I then realized that I must be feeling her quiet strength, her feelings about her family,and how she understands things better that I do. I realized that she was there for her brother helping him to get better. A bond that they shared even before they were born. One that they shared just before she died.


marcia said...

ohhh that was sooo ....special

Cee Cee said...

Thank you for sharing that. We always think of her too.