Sunday, June 29, 2008

Bubba's Wedding

On Wednesday Rick, Brett and Brittany and I flew to California for Bubba's wedding. Brett met Bubba on his mission in Argentina. It was not friends at first sight. I guess it took a while for them to be friends. Bubba came home a little over a year before Brett did. He came to visit us. You took definitely tell that he was a newly returned missionary. I know that he came to meet Meridith,(I think most missionaries knew about Brett's little sister) That's ok, she actually wrote a couple of them while Brett was on his mission. Bubba was a great support to Brett after Meridith died. I know that Brett appreciates his friendship. The wedding was very nice it was on a cliff overlooking the ocean. As they were getting ready for the wedding to start, a huge wave came up and splashed on the groomsmen. Fortunately the spots didn't last long, No one figured we were close enough to worry about the waves,it was all good no one got tooo wet. Bubba's new wife is Tessa, she is very nice. They had a nice reception at Tessa's bishops house. It was very pretty. The weather was great. It was not hot, everyone said that last week it was super hot. Great for us nice cool weather. On Thursday morning we took Brittany done to Rodeo Drive, she had never been to California. It was fun to spend time with Brett and Brittany. Thanks to Bubba for inviting us to your wedding.


John and Rachael said...

Sounds like a fun trip and a beautiful wedding. How crazy that the waves were splashing the groomsmen!!

The Brandts said...

Ive been working at Fantastic Sams for a few months now. I just transfered over to a store a little bit closer to my house. Everythings going well up here. Thats so fun you got to go to the wedding!