Monday, June 23, 2008

I've Been Tagged

Whats his name? For those who know him its Rick. But on his Dads side they call him Jr. on his moms side they call him Rick but...his real name is Marvin Turner Petty Jr. I didn't even know that til after we were engaged.
How long have you been together? 29 1/2 years it will be 30 yrs on December 15.
How long did you date? 2 weeks and then we got engaged and were engaged for 2 months. I know it was super fast. My parents thought so to, but hey when its right its right..
How old is he?he just had a he is 54
Who eats more?That would be Rick unless its bread or strawberry rhubarb pie, then is me.
Who said I love you first? Rick, I think
Who is taller?Rick by about 2 inches
Who sings better?Me
Who is smarter?That would be Rick. He is quite talented in many areas.
Who does he laundry?That would be me. The kids will tell you I can get anything out of clothes.. and now its summer again so I do lots of towels
Who pays the bills?Rick different times in our marriage we use to pay them together, then I paid them now Rick does.
Who sleeps on the right side?Rick
Who mows the lawn?Rick does and we have a big one to mow. He just hops on the riding mower and away he goes. He does it about 2 times a week. Sat he mowed our neighbors front yard she has been very ill.
Who cooks dinner?That would be me. Its not my favorite. Rachel does sometimes and so does Rick.
Who drives?Rick does, he prefers it that way.
Who is more stubborn?I have to say. its me
Who kissed who first?I think Rick kissed me first.
Who proposed?That would be Rick. One Saturday he meet me for lunch, I worked at the mall, after we walked around for awhile we stopped and sat down and he said that he was going to fast about our relationship. I said OK. In a couple of minutes I told him I would fast as well. He said he would cook dinner for us the next night ans we would break our fast together. I told he that would be fine. But I had a date that night with another guy(he will never let me live that one down) He sat at home watching the Return of Gilligan's Island. He fixed a great dinner. We sat on the could with the Tabernacle choir singing in the background and he asked me...he was so nervous.
Who has more friends?That would be me. Rick is not a real social person.
Who is more sensitive?Me
Who has more sibling?That would be Rick he has 2 brothers and 1 sister. I have just 1 sister. I guess technically I have more my dad remarried and had a little boy and then a set of triplets they are about 15-16 years younger than me and I haven's seen them since 1978 I only saw them for about 3 months.
Who wears the pants?Rick does and I'm very grateful, he is a great husband, father and brother.

I tag Marcia, Britini V. Lana Have fun


Playful Professional said...

I've already done this one and there's not too much more to say about Richie... but I enjoyed learning more about you :)

marcia said...

mine is up too:)