Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Living in the mission field can pose a problem for members of the church who want to have an eternal family. As a young Women's presidency we see this as the ward leaders talk about problems that they are having with teh young women. There is no easy answer. I do that that you have to be careful. When I joined the church I had guy friends that were not members. I even dated before I turned 16 since I joined the church at 14. My mom didn't care and I had already gone out a few times with a friend. When I joined the church I had a good Bishop who counseled me to not date until I turned 16. He told me that there were other girls who were watching me and would think that it was ok to date before they turned 16. I had dated this one guy who was really nice and had great standards. But he was not a member of the church. We talked about this in young women's and a with my Laurel Advisor, fortunately I was willing to listen and understand what was important. This guy and I remained friends, he even went to see my family even after I was married. But I had to make the decision to not date non members so that I would not be tempted to fall in love and forget what is most important. Eternal Families. There are lots of great people out there. Some will join the church if given the opportunity some will not. I was not willing to take that chance. When I met Rick, I was not looking to get married but I was doing all the things that I was suppose to do. Gratefully I did not settle, for a marriage outside of the temple. How sad I would be knowing that I would not have Meridith in my family for eternity. I think of Danielle who moved in with her boyfriend. It breaks my heart. I know that everyone young woman wants to be married. There is someone there. We just have to do all we can. Live the gospel to the fullest and pray and let Heavenly Father take care of it and I know he will. My sweet niece this summer has been dating a non member, but she told me that she knew their relationship would not go anywhere. Thanks Mary. I want to be at your temple marriage.(not for a few years) (love you sweetheart)
Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding
Proverbs 3:5. Its not always easy. But its worth it. I can not imagine not having any of my children with me or my grandchildren. I know when Julie(my good friend) married a member but who would not take her to the temple and then her 3 child Elizabeth died for a heart defect. It has bothered her since. She know that she will not have Elizabeth unless she gets her act together. I pray for her often that she will get it figured out.


Playful Professional said...

I think sometimes that is all that gets my mom through her trials with her kids is knowing that we will all be together again as long as we all have faith and stay obedient.

Melly said...

We can only make our own choices, we can encourage them along the way but it the end we need to be happy and support to our loved ones. No matter who they are with, if they are happy then be happy for them. If you stay faithful and pray for guidence then everything will work out. My mom has been so supportive to all of her children even when she disagrees with our choices. It was her example, love, and testimony that helped me. Have faith!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

Trust and obedience says it all

Rachel said...
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txmommy said...

dating is a hard issue, sometimes I think courting would be easier but that's not really the way the world is run now.

...sigh, it'll work out {{{hugs}}}

I'm feeling the need for some molton chocolate cake,maybe we can go some night.

Marbear said...

You are the best Aunt ever! I love you! You are a great role model and support for everyone! I love that you care so much about the youth and I'm sure you've helped a lot of them, unfortunately you can't help them all. Some have to find the answer on their own through their mistakes. Thanks for being the aunt that I can always turn to for anything! (by the way, Josh and I broke up, it was time) Love you!