Friday, March 13, 2009


Last night was our auxiliary training meeting. It was very good President Hadley spoke about families and how we need to help build strong families with the testimonies of the Savior. Then in our meeting with the Young Women Presidents we talked about how as presidents they have a vision about their young women and their counselor help carry out that vision. And about helping the girls.. a quote from President Hinckley given in Jan 2004 at a worldwide training meeting he said"When you save a girl you save generations, she will grow in strength and righteousness. She will marry in the House of the Lord. She will teach her children in the ways of truth, they will walk in her paths, and will similarly teach their children. Wonderful grandmothers who will be there to lend encouragement. I see this as one bright shinning hope in a world that is marching towards self destruction. To the stake presidents and bishops I plead with you to give encouragement and help in every possible way to women and girls of your stakes and wards. They need your priesthood backing, and they need your leadership and counsel, help they in every way you can, and while you are doing this you will help yourselves.

That is so true. We have some awesome young women in our ward. They are not without challenges, some of those challenges you see, some you do not. Sometimes they feel like they are alone, and that no one understands them. Its rough being a young women in these very challenging times. I know that if they hold fast to the teaching of the gospel they can be strong, to face whatever comes their way. Satan certainly wants them to struggle and not stay strong. Because its what President Hinckley said "you save a girl you save generations."

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AngeeBee said...

Love your post Robin! I couldn't agree more - while here in Mexico we are finding that true of so many women the world over!

All women and young women will change the world if they only believe that, with the Savior's guidance, we can do it! Our lives make a difference and your example has been one that I have looked up to!

Sending my love!