Thursday, July 30, 2009

More Rain

We had a good thunderstorm this morning. It woke us up before 5am, I had to get by 515am anyway so i just got up. It took me a little longer to get to work, just normal slow traffic on a rainy day. We need the rain so it was all good. The last hard rain that we had our great neighbors had a really bad time. They had..I repeat had this great playground for their twins, but with the very strong winds 60-70 mph the playground (we call it the park) was in their pool. It picked the whole thing up and planted it in their pool, broke a window in the living room and did some water damage upstairs. This morning I get a text from Amy asking for some fans, the window in one the bedrooms fell into the room, the latch broke and rained in all morning. One son was in there, sleeping th whole time....come on how on earth can you sleep through the storm this morning.. he did. One of the twins came down at 5am and talked abot the storm unti 7am and then went back to sleep... poor moms we never get to go back to sleep.

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