Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Value of VItrue

This year our General Young Women's Presidency added another value to young women's. Virtue.

We decided as a Stake Young Women's Presidency we would complete our Virtue goal by our Next auxiliary meeting in September. As I have worked on this and thought about it alot I know as a society we have gotten away from thinking about virtue. It saddens me to look around as see young women who make the choice to not be virtuous. A few years back as I was serving in our wards YW presidency I knew of a young girl who was considering having sex with her boyfriend as I spoke with her I tried to let her know that she would be giving something up she could never regain. I explained about repentance, but we never get that virtue back. For many young women they become that notch on a boys belt, someone they can brag about. For girls it is a very sad time for them. As I have read the family proclamation and the For the Strength of Youth it clearly states that sex is between a husband and wife who are married. NOT living together. When you obey God's commandments you are prepared to enter the temple to make covenants with the person who you love forever. I think about Rick and I, even though neither one of our parents could be there and Rick was the first one on his side of the family to get married, we both knew that getting married in the temple was not an option. I am grateful for our marriage, for both of us being worthy when we met to go to the temple. I am glad that virtue has been added to the young women's values. The value project that goes along with virtue to to read the Book of Mormon. My goal is to have it finished when we go to Nauvoo to take Meridith's name through the temple. So today I start reading the Book of Mormon, to be finished by September 3.


Natalie said...

I love your comments and I totally agree with you. You are taking Meridith's name to the Nauvoo Temple! How awesome! That just fills my heart with joy. I love you my dear friend and I miss you so much.

marcia@joyismygoal said...

that is awesome you are a virtuous woman