Friday, July 24, 2009

Weekend Activities

Tonight we get to keep Haylee, Rick and I are both so excited. Haylee is such a wonderful little girl. WE of course are a little bias, but that's ok because being her grandparents is the best. I have to work Saturday morning and then Saturday night we have a 15 stake fireside in Denton and Sister Elaine Dalton will be speaking and then we will have a dance, I know that kids are excited about that one. We have slot of really great youth in our stake and in our ward. I will certainly miss seeing some of them every Sunday. With Rick's new calling church will be late for us, but that's ok. The single ward is quite large they said they average about 150-160 every Sunday, so that will be nice to see that many active young single adults striving to do whats right.

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I have a good life said...

So glad you get to have Haylee! She is a very sweet little girl....I think it is fact, not bias-ness. We will so miss seeing you in our ward, but it will be such a rewarding new calling and he is perfect for it! :)