Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Trip

Rick totally surprised me. He had Rachel pack my bag. Had Amy call me over to her house to help her look at her photo book she is making for John her husband for Christmas. Took me to the church to pick up something a paper for Brett. We ordered our pizza for lunch on our way back from the church. You may ask why pizza? We have had pizza every year on our anniversary. We called a pizza place in Salt Lake on our wedding day and had it delivered..well it was not the best pizza we have ever had but it ok. That is why we have pizza on every anniversary, even if it is at the mall with just a slice. 30 years and Rick still surprises me. On our 25 anniversary, Rick gave me a beautiful ring. It is what some call and eternity ring, with 3 diamonds. This anniversary a beautiful strand of pearls. On Monday after he put our suitcases in the car he told me we were ready to go, but make sure I get a heavy coat. I got my coat and we were off. Brett went with us, because little did I know we were taking a train. We have never taken a train before, it was really neat. We had a sleeper cabin. It actually has a shower in our room, and I did take a shower. Its hard to stand and shower in a moving train. Pictures will follow.(I'm driving in the car and its hard enough trying to type.) We boarded the train and no one told me where we were going, which was surprising, even Rick was surprised that no one said anything about our destination. We were on the train for awhile before I guessed enough and then he told me that I was right. We got off in St Louis and took the metro to the rental car. We rented a car and drove through Missouri while driving down he asked me if I knew where we were going, he told me I could guess. After awhile I did guess, he took me to Nauvoo, IL. It is beautiful this time of the year. Freezing cold..14 degrees but beautiful. Not much is open here during the winter months but we stayed at the Nauvoo log Cabins. Very nice. They have gone around and gotten old cabins in fields and have refurbished them. Our cabin would actually sleep 6 I think. It had a queen bed a set of bunk beds and a futon. The floor is concrete and let me tell you it was quite cold to the feet, but they had rugs down. The bath tub is an old free standing tub. Great hot water. We went to the temple on Wednesday and did 2 sessions, the temple opens at 2pm and the last session is at 6pm. It is a beautiful temple. We got to take a little tour. We saw the baptistery and looked up the spiral staircase that is 5 stories. They told us where the marriages take place which is on the 5Th floor in 2 sealing rooms otherwise proxy sealing are done on the 4th floor. We saw Joseph Smith's sabre hanging in the recorders office, an apron and slipper that was Mary Fielding Smith's, replica keys of the first Nauvoo Temple. There had been a missionary who is a expert in making keys and he studied the original keys that are in the Quincy Museum, after his mission he went back home and crafted the keys. Its quite amazing. Rick planned and carried off a wonderful trip. I'm so blessed to have him. We have been blessed, we have 4 beautiful children, a super cute granddaughter and a grandson on the way. The Lord has certainly blessed us. Life is full of surprises, we are lucky to take the ride together. As we were in Nauvoo and with it being so cold, I couldn't help but think about the pioneers. Last night as we left the temple it was so cold. I am thankful I had my coat. As I looked out towards the Mississippi, I thought about the pioneers leaving their beautiful city and leaving behind their temple. How they worked around the clock so that so many members could have the blessings of the temple. As they left they did not know what was going to happen. They left in the bitter cold winter. They had babies, small children, elderly members, but they were willing to follow. Their testimonies were strong. Their faith not wavering. Many lost their lives, there had to be comfort to those who had been blessed to have the temple ordinances done. I am so grateful to those early pioneers who remained faithful in such trials. I am thankful for my testimony, for the knowledge of eternal families and I am thankful that as Rick and I started our journey together we started it in the right place with the right authority, so that we can be together forever. We did not know when we were married how our journey would be, But we are grateful we travel it together. Thanks Rick, I love you.


Lon and Steph said...

What a good husband :) I am excited to hear about how it went-we knew about it for a while now!

marcia@joyismygoal said...

That is so cool and Romantic Now Robin, I am sure the placement of your comment on pictures coming was Random and not meant to be referring to the sentence just in front of it Right? LOL you are so cute

txmommy said...

what a wonderful trip! Happy Anniversary!

Rachel said...

I didn't know till the moment dad asked me to pack your bag... hope you had all that you needed!!

Love You

Natalie said...

Happy Anniversary! What a fun, romantic getaway. I' so glad you had such a good time.
We are finally in Belgium and it has only taken 3 weeks to get a phone line and intenet connection. Now maybe I can catch up on things.
I miss you my dear friend and love you a lot.