Monday, December 15, 2008

Thirty Years

Thirty years ago today Rick and I were married in the Manti Temple.  What a ride it has been.  We lived in Texas then as well, and the Dallas Temple was not built.  Rick, from the time he joined the church loved the Manti Temple.  We went to the Salt Lake Temple and took out our endowments and then 2 days later went to Manti to be married.  The people who attended our wedding was Mr Wade and Marie (Rick always called him Mr Wade and called her Marie)(not sure why he did that) Gary (Rick's brother) Diane and Michael Hepting(my Laurel advisor and her husband) Rick and Mark  (2 of Marie's Children) my Aunt Karen and Kelli and Kyllo even though none of them come into the temple (the kids were both young at the time) Karen wanted them to see and know someone who got married in the Temple. Mr Wade bought lunch for everyone they even let Aunt Karen, Kelli and Kyllo come to the cafeteria. It was wonderful. Since neither one of our parents are members they were not there. We knew it then as much as we both know it now...It is the right way to start a marriage. We drove to Utah. We traveled together with Diane (my Laurel advisor)and her husband and kids. Rick and I and a military young man who was trying to get to Utah to meet up with his family were in our car.  Diane's husband Michael washed his temple recommed and had to get a new one that morning(they realized it on our way out, we were by Ridgmar Mall) Rick and I went back to my mom's and slept for awhile while they got it taken care of. They had to get Bishop Dallof up then President Flynn our sstake President. Then we were on our way. We drove through Texas on to  New Mexico, in Albuquerque Rick was tired and the guy riding with us said he would drive. Rick told him the roads were getting a little slick due to the snow and he said its no problem.....Well it becme a HUGE problem because about 15 miles out side of Gallup New Mexico he slide off the road. Here we sat in -15 degrees below zero. It was cold.. the roads were bad so the tow trucks a were super busy...Now remember this is pre cell phone years. BUT we did have a CB radio my kids probably won't even know what that is. We called on it and the police said if they came out they would have to give us a ticket for failure to maintain control of our vehicle...BUMMER so we all piled in Diane and Michael's car and drove into Gallup...Did I say it was about 1:00 AM. They found a tow truck who said he would go out there and pull us out of the snow bank. Once they got out there they found out we were only feet away from going down about 15 foot drop. (I'm on a train so this will be in increments hope it makes sense..I'll expalin this later)


marcia@joyismygoal said...

I heard you are on a romantic surprise how fun and exciting:)

rachael said...

Wow, 30 years! Congratulations!! I didn't know you were married in the Manti temple. We were too, and for the same reason as Rick. I had loved the Manti temple since I was young.

Holly Knackstedt said...

30 years worth of congratulations to you...what a great example you guys are to me and my little family. It seems like making a marriage last this long is becoming an endangered idea. Congratulations!