Monday, December 15, 2008

Part 2 of Thirty Years

Needless to say we were pulled out of the ditch. Rick made me stay there in Gallup where it was warm. I being young and most certainly in love was not thrilled to be left behind. The logical side of me knew it was the right thing to do. Rick and the guy who slid off the road went back to get the car. When they got back to Gallup we needed gas so we stopped. Did I say it had snowed so much you could not hardly see the entrances to the gas stations or anything. Well we go gas and when we left the station..Yep you guessed it we went off the curb....AND pulled the muffler off. The gas station attendant was nice enough to let us use his garage to try to straighten it and out it back on. Well it was pretty well bent, so Rick tied it up and we drove the next 12 hours with a very noisy car. We got to Provo bought a new muffler drove to Ogden and put it on at the Wade's home. Our journey together has been a good one. But not one with out bumps and big pot holes. I am so blessed to have such a great husband. My Aunt Karen and Uncle Hal were the first of my family Rick had met.
We came back to Texas and had our reception a couple of weeks later. On our honeymoon were were going to go to the Grand Canyon but the road we needed to take was flooded. So we went to Carlsbad cavern was really neat, we drove through Mesa and saw the Mesa Temple. We had a great time. Just being together and learning about one another. You have to remember we did not know one another very long before we got married. You know dated 2 weeks got engaged, engaged 2 months to the day and got married. Here we are 30 years later. Amazing


Kirchner Family said...

Your love gives hope to all of us!

Kathy said...

What a fun story. Steve and I only knew each other for about a month before he went on his mission, then when he was out a year I went on a mission and then he waited for me to get home in Oct and we were engaged in Nov. and married in Jan. Fun times!